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Subject Line: WHOLESALE

Please include:

  • Your business zip code



Vibe Clothing Company Wholesale Terms of Service

Thank you for your interest in our line of fabulous, size-inclusive clothing for all women! We look forward to learning more about you and your organization, and beginning a mutually successful working relationship with you. We know that you are anxious to start, so let's get started! 


Apply for a Wholesale Account through this link:


Please read the complete terms of agreement below before applying for a new account.


to your existing wholesale account through this link:



Required Documentation:

A current Sales Tax ID

Note: Both the business name and address on these documents must be consistent with the business name and address on the Vibe Clothing Company account.

  •         Brick & Mortar businesses must provide a photo image of actual store front(s)
  •         Web-Only or Event-Based businesses must also provide a URL address and/or Facebook page

The above information must be emailed to wholesale@vibeclothingcompany.com with the submission of application.


Wholesale partners receive up to 40% off retail items, excluding closeout/sale items.

  •     A $250.00 minimum Wholesale Opening Order is required within 30 days of account approval
  •     $250.00 is also the Minimum Wholesale Reorder
  •     A $250.00 Minimum Wholesale Reorder must be placed every 3 months or Wholesale Purchases must total a minimum of $750.00 semi-annually (every 6 months) to maintain an active wholesale account.

    o   Timeframe of 3 months will start from date of initial order for new accounts and date of last order for existing accounts

    o   The initial Opening Order of $250.00 will satisfy this requirement for the first 3 months for new accounts

    •     Minimum order requirements need to be met AFTER applied wholesale discounts and not before.
    •     Failure to meet the minimum reorder requirements will result first in an email notification of a compliance    deadline, and then followed by account deactivation if the account is not brought back to an active status

      Unlike some other wholesale programs, we offer order flexibility. We do not force you into pre-determined size ranges and quantities, but you can choose this if you’d like. You can select the specific sizes needed in the quantities needed for your business model.



      All U.S. domestic wholesale orders ship via USPS (with options of Retail Ground, Priority, and Express) on average within 3-5 business days of the order placement date. Exceptions are holidays and major regional market weeks, in which case these events may lead to a slightly longer processing time. To maintain our low pricing structure, open stock and low order requirements, we are unable to offer free shipping on wholesale orders. Vibe Clothing Company can not be held responsible for lost shipments. Should this occur, please file a claim with the specific carrier associated with the order’s tracking number.


      Return and Exchange Policy

      We can accept returns or exchanges within 72 hours of a partner receiving their purchase order with a 20% restocking fee for orders of Jewelry Only. Graphic Tee’s are not eligible for returns or exchanges, no exceptions. Unless the items are deemed defective by Vibe Clothing Company, or there was a packing/shipping error on our part, we are unable to offer pre-paid return shipping labels. Return shipping is paid by the wholesale partner.


      Pricing Policy

      Vibe Clothing Company Retailers agree to follow and maintain the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) guidelines.

      o   Minimum pricing is to be maintained at or above retail pricing as found on vibeclothingcompany.com (MSRP)

      o   Any discount offered by a Retailer, below MSRP should be selective and limited to a short period of time (such as anniversary sale, end of season markdown, etc.) in order to protect the integrity of our brand.

      o   Vibe Clothing Company makes every effort to monitor and enforce the Retail Pricing guidelines.

      o   We are unable to provide zip code protection to our wholesale partners. For this reason we suggest our partners follow our MSRP pricing guidelines and pricing on our website.




      Photography Policy

      Model images shared to our Vibe Clothing Company Wholesale Group Facebook page may be used so long as they are original and unaltered. Model images on our website, but not in our group are not approved for use. All stock product images (clothing not on a model) and flat lay images are also approved for use. You may also use your own model images if desired.


      Branding Guidelines

      o   When selling online, the brand name (Vibe Clothing Company) must be listed either in the product name (i.e. Vibe Exclusive High/Low Vest) or description (i.e. These shorts by Vibe Clothing Company are…)

      o   To protect our trademarks and intellectual property rights, and alterations of our products are prohibited. This Includes Removal of Tags. Please note that adding your own hang tag is acceptable, whereas adding your own sewn tag is not.



      Vibe Clothing Company reserves the right to terminate the wholesale agreement with any of partners effective immediately for the following, including, but not limited to: harassment of staff, improper branding, Vibe Clothing Company Facebook group violations, and non-compliance of the above-mentioned terms. This agreement supersedes any previous written or verbal agreement and was updated on 3/13/20. This agreement is subject to change at any time with notice.


      Who Will Not Be Approved?

      In general, Vibe Clothing Company does not approve the following retail websites:

      •     Auction sites such as eBay
      •     Group Buy-Ins
      •     Any website claiming to be a “wholesale provider”
      •     Websites claiming all merchandise is “hand-made” but carry no other        lines

      We are unable to approve International Accounts at this time.


      We appreciate your interest in Vibe Clothing Company and look forward to many years of mutually successful business building!


      Questions? Comments?

      Contact us via email at wholesale@vibeclothingcompany.com

      Apply through this link:



      Place an Order through this link:




      --Incart Upsell