Vibe Clothing Company Ambassador Program


After signing up and being approved, each ambassador will be given a unique code for personal use or to share with their followers (or for personal use). The code will be the ambassador's first name. If a code is already in use, the ambassador will be given a new code.

When the code is used, it will apply 10% off of qualifying products. This will include personal orders made by the ambassador. The 10% off excludes SALE ITEMS and GIFT CARDS.

A third-party system is used to track all orders when an ambassador’s code is used. Ambassadors have access to the Ambassador’s dashboard where the ambassador can track their earnings.

As an ambassador of Vibe Clothing Company, you will receive a 15% commission of total sales purchased when using the ambassador code. Ambassadors will be compensated in the form of a gift card code to be used toward future Vibe Clothing Company purchases. The ambassador
must have at least an accumulation of 25 dollars or more before payout. Vibe Clothing Company cannot add discounts once the order has been placed.


To remain an active ambassador, the Ambassador’s code must be used at least once per calendar month. This can be accomplished by using the ambassador's code while submitting a personal order, or by having a follower place an order. Both are acceptable to be an active ambassador.

A new ambassador’s ACTIVE status begins the first full calendar month following their onboarding date.

Only ONE code per order can be used. Codes are only valid when purchasing directly from our website

Ambassadors may not recruit other ambassadors for any other programs, companies, or groups for personal gain. Ambassador codes are not to be shared during Vibe’s Facebook LIVES!

The ambassador is responsible for staying informed about all training, rules, and announcements. This information can be found on the Vibe Clothing Company Ambassador Program Facebook page.

Ambassadors are not permitted to make or sell their own clothes due to a possible conflict of interest.

Brand Ambassador Agreement

I accept that any images used by Vibe Clothing Company for social media, marketing, or the website will not earn me any royalties or remuneration.

I give Vibe Clothing Company permission to use my images on social media, marketing, and on the website.

I accept that Vibe Clothing Company may alter the program at any moment to meet business demands. Any modifications will be communicated to me in written form.

I realize that it is my responsibility to read all Vibe Clothing Company posts/emails in order to be up to date on any and all advancements.

I realize that I am an ambassador and not a Vibe Clothing Company employee.

I have read, understand, and agree with the term of the Brand Ambassador Program of Vibe Clothing Company.

I understand that going against any of these guidelines listed above will result in removal form Vibe Clothing Company’s Brand Ambassador Program.

Please remember to uphold The Vibe Clothing Company Policies; which are kindness, comfort, and care. If any ambassador has questions of what they share, post, or portray online that may violate our policies please contact Vibe customer care at or do not share at all. Thank you and we are so happy for you to be a part of our tribe.