How to Choose the Best Accessories For Your Outfit

Are you looking for the right jewelry to go with your dress? Or maybe the perfect bag for your night out. Here’s how to match the right accessories.

clothing accessoriesAccessories make a good outfit great and a great outfit unforgettable.

To make sure you are choosing the best ones for your outfit, read on!

Importance of Accessories

A look in a museum will tell you that accessories are not a new fad.

Our ancestors have been using them to lift and compliment their look since the birth of humankind!

We have a lot more options at our fingertips now, which makes deciding on the right piece harder.

Things to Consider

You need to think about color, scale, effect and occasion, and more.

Color Me Happy

Analyze your coloring – some of us can carry-off silver but not gold, or gold but never pastels.

Beyond that, you need to look at the color of your outfit.

When wearing black or white, almost any color accessory will coordinate well. If wearing a colorful outfit you’ll need to tone down the jewelry to avoid clashing.

If you want to make an impact, take a color wheel and choose pieces in colors opposite to those of your outfit.

Size Matters

As with colors, your outfit’s level of ‘out-there’ will dictate what pieces you can get away with. If you are already heavy on patterns or frills, look for simple pieces. The more overstated the outfit, the more understated the accessories should be.

Consider body shape when selecting a handbag, shoes, and other fashion pieces. If you have a tiny frame, an enormous bag will only highlight that. If you have chunky legs, bringing attention to them with strappy sandals isn’t a great idea.

Select fashion pieces that draw the eye to your best aspects.

Style Me Pretty

Do you want to be the diva that catches the eye of all at the party with your bling, or quietly elegant in a business meeting? This really boils down to style.

You can dress a plain outfit up or ground an out-there outfit by choosing wisely. Fashion pieces fall into style categories such as casual, workday, playful, punk, classic, glamorous and geometric.

Intention is Everything

Think about the occasion for the outfit and your intended effect.

That’s usually the best point to start when deciding on a playful vs business style. You can then search for ‘workday watch’, or ‘punk necklace’ to find just the piece you need.

Fashion Rules

While fashion is ever-changing, there are some long-standing rules. The most important are:

– Stick to 3-4 large pieces (no more!)

– Jewelry sets should be on the small size or they’ll overwhelm the outfit

– Don’t match your shoes too closely to your handbag (even though grandma says to!)

– Low-profile colors with high profile pieces, and vice-versa

Keep Experimenting

There are some guidelines and rules, which we have laid out or you here. But our takeaway message is to keep experimenting.

Fashion is best when it is playful. Use these rules to inform your choices, but keep it creative! After all, rules were made to be broken, right?

So Get Shopping!

Matching jewelry and accessories to clothing can be difficult.

When done right, it elevates your outfit to another level.

To find the best pieces for your wardrobe, and great advice on matching, check out Vibe Clothing Company today!