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Pumped Up Shampoo

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Gently cleanse while adding volume to fine and limp hair with this volumizing, 97% natural shampoo. The oil-free formula is packed full of red grape extract and B vitamins, to pump up the volume and leave your hair bursting with life.

*Also available in a shampoo/conditioner set 


VITAMIN B5 Also known as pantothenic acid or panthenol, it’s a humectant, penetrating the cuticle where it attracts moisture to plump the shaft. The result: amped up volume with hydration.

RED GRAPE EXTRACT No hangovers here. Infamous for its super protective antioxidants, red grape is hydrating in haircare.

FIG + MANGOSTEEN EXTRACTS A blend of fig extract, from fruit rich in magnesium and vitamins C and E, and superfruit mangosteen extract support optimum hydration and oil-free hair moisturization.

SLMI (SODIUM LAUROYL METHYL ISETHIONATE) Derived from coconuts this mild, water-soluble surfactant gives Pumped Up Volumizing Shampoo that lather and cleansing action, enabling the shampoo to produce high performance.

100% sulphate-free.
Made in United Kingdom


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