Find Your Clothing Vibe!

Vibe Clothing Company started with a dream and lots and lots of prayer. Heather began to notice a need that was not being met. Heather, our fierce and faithful leader, is a mother of four, a wife, and a BOSS BABE who loves Jesus and loves her VIBE TRIBE. As a woman, going into a traditional boutique had become discouraging, as it does for most. So began “Heather’s Collection.” What started as a few racks in July 2017 turned into VIBE CLOTHING COMPANY.  Vibe Clothing Company is a brand based on the principles of making all women feel beautiful no matter age, shape, size, or style. Centering our spotlight to women 25 and up, we focus on dressing women’s bodies in boutique-style clothes made for women’s bodies. We work closely with manufacturers and designers to ensure the best fit, quality, and comfortability for women. Heather ensures on a daily basis that the foundation of Vibe’s clothes maintains consistency- our shirts are a little longer, the arms a little roomier, and the fit a little more flowy.

Vibe Clothing Company- rewriting the rules of women’s clothing.

Comfort. Conservative. Class.