LAYLA by ViVi LIAM Bracelet
MELISSA Necklace by ViVi Liam

REBECCA Necklace by ViVi Liam

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Type: Jewelry

From ViVi LIAM Designs comes a brand new line of hand-crafted jewelry! ”The Crystal Collection” Make the most of your basic outfits or add to the flair of your favorite prints with this fabulous collection! These pieces have been uniquely crafted to be a truly sensational accessory everyone will want! 


ViVi Liam Designs are handmade in Mississippi.

. Due to the individual workmanship of each piece, not all pieces will be exactly alike.

  • Pendant + Bead + Tassels = approx. 4.5”
  • Approx. 30” chain 

Bead color combos may differ slightly