What to Wear for Spring Family Portraits

With spring around the corner, it’s nearly time for family portrait season as well! Soon, families across the country and beyond will break out the photographer and catalog another year of growth and change in their family history. 

Family portraits are great ways to showcase style but have a few caveats that make it tricky if you’re not experienced with the idea. For one, you’re not just dressing for yourself, but for others well, so trying to make the perfect outfit becomes a little more collective as a result. 

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Today’s fashion blog will focus on some of the best items you can wear for a family portrait and how our recommended pieces can fit into the greater cohesive mold of your family portrait. 

Read on! 

Coordinate Your Look

As previously stated, dressing for a family portrait is about a lot more than yourself; it’s about dressing for the whole family, so it takes a little bit of extra effort to make everything work. So, before we dive into the individual pieces we have, we’d recommend taking the time to discuss with your family about what to wear while using our blog as a guide. 

Solid Colors

Teagan Top

Solid colors are a must for most family portraits. They’re easy to coordinate across the entire family and pick up nice in a photograph to create a cohesive scheme. Basic tees and tops are perfect for this method and make it easy to incorporate a solid color into your outfit. 

Conversely, you should always avoid busy patterns, stripes, and logos when selecting an outfit. So, keep those graphic tees and leopard print cardigans in the wardrobe! Complex designs, logos, and characters create focal points for the eye where you’d probably rather they not be and take away from your family's coordination efforts. 

Flowing Dresses and Skirts

Put Your Records On Leopard Maxi Dress & High Fashion Maxi Skirt

While it can be nice, if a bit of cliche, to have everyone wearing navy jeans for the family portrait, it’s worth it to think about incorporating a skirt or dress into your outfit instead. Maxi skirts and dresses are the best at creating a flowing silhouette for your photos that adds light dynamism to your ensemble. These look especially great on moms and can be combined with cardigans to create a wonderful casual-chic aesthetic for your photos. 


How Deep is Your Love Necklace

Accessories of all kinds are ideal for family portraits and lend extra textures and details to your outfit that won’t detract from the final picture. Bracelets and necklaces are perfect for this, allowing you to subtly break up those solid colors and create depth to your outfit, giving the photographer a lot more options and opportunities to develop the perfect photo. 

Boots or Sandals

Making Moves Flats & Arctic blast Boots - Black

While it may be tempting to break out the sneakers for this occasion, the reality is that you’re going to want something more definitive. Your outfit will change depending on the weather; that’s a given. 

However, no other item will vary as much as your footwear. If it’s a sunny, warm day, then sandals are perfect for a spring photoshoot. Conversely, if it’s still a little cold during the photoshoot, you’d be better off sticking with your favorite light boots. 

Both options achieve the same ideal and present your outfit more formally than a sneaker can, making your photos feels more memorable as a result.