Warm Weather Outfits to Celebrate Your Curves This Spring

It should go without saying that, as long as you feel comfortable and authentic to yourself, you can wear whatever you want – especially when the weather is warmer and you're trying to beat the heat.

However, if you’re trying to find a trendy outfit that still makes you feel confident and comfortable, then you can be in for a challenge if you have a larger body type. Thankfully, the fashion world has a lot to offer those with some extra curves, giving you plenty of options to try and create your own ideal summer and spring wardrobes.

In today's blog, we’ll showcase a few outfit ideas that we think will be ideal for anyone looking to maximize their fabulous bodies while still feeling comfortable and sweat-free.

Read on!

Oversized Prints & Patterns

While previous years have always encouraged uncommon body types to stray away from loud or heavily patterned clothing; the newest trends say to embrace the colors! Big printed patterns and images on clothing make your outfit pop and let you adopt a more confident side while taking the pressure off the rest of your ensemble. 

Oversized designs in clothing are also fantastic for those looking to make a splash without going wild with accessories or layers, making it far easier to stay cool and confident during those warmer days. 

Floral Kimono & Boots

Spring Dreams Kimono by Vibe Clothing CompanyVivian Combat Boots

While we’re busy embracing the color and adventure of spring, it’s always fun to bring back a classic. The timeless combo of a floral kimono and boots is well known and makes for an ideal spring outfit that affords you an adorably quirky vibe.

Floral kimonos are easy to transition from spring to summer as well, as the design means you only have to consider your basic outfit layers to create another perfect outfit.

Printed Dresses

The fun with dresses doesn’t stop at floral patterns. Printed patterns of various kinds are encouraged this spring and summer and should be the fulcrum of our seasonal wardrobe as the bright colors are ideal for sunnier days.

Printed dresses are also suitable for those who want to look polished yet practical, finding that sweet spot in smart-casual wear that’s simply unmatched.

Graphic Tees & Jeans

Jagger Lips Graphic Tee by Vibe Clothing CompanyAll American Cropped Skinnies - Rainy by Vibe Clothing Company

Another classic outfit, the graphic tee and jeans combo is undoubtedly perfect no matter your size or shape. After all, what’s cooler than a pair of jeans and a band shirt? Our All American jeans are the ideal choice, with an elastic waistband that means you get all the style and confidence of jeans without the discomfort of buttons.

All Black Ensembles

Chic Comfort Dress - Black by Vibe Clothing Company When I Come Around Romper - Black

While it may sound crazy, given we’ve just been talking about embracing colors and patterns as much as possible, there’s still something to be said for the all-black look. Black skirts and tops look fantastic no matter the weather and can be easily accessorized with further additions of dark materials to create an instantly classy look.

All-black ensembles can be light and comfortable as well, with most looks being entirely achievable without resorting to multiple layers, leaving you looking and feeling fabulous.

That’s it for today’s blog! Check out our blogs for more tips and tricks for wearing your favorite clothing items. Until then, we’ll see you in the next blog!