Turn Combat Boots Into the Perfect Spring Footwear


Vivian Combat Boots

On the surface, combat boots may seem like a bit of an odd choice for spring outfits. However,  scratch beneath the surface, and you’ll be amazed at how easily a pair of combat boots can instantly take your spring wardrobe to another level! 

Combat boots provide a strong foundation at the baser of your silhouette that leaves the rest of your outfit free to become as expressive and adventurous as possible. Spring outfits are all about expressing yourself as much as possible, making combat boots an oddly ideal fit for the season! 

So, in today’s blog, we’ll be showing you how to make the best of your combat boots this spring and take a winter favorite through to the new season!


Combat boots provide a strong profile for footwear and give you a little lift as well, making your legs look and feel longer in the process, so why not show off those legs with a pair of leggings? 

Leggings are ideal for combat boots and provide a fantastic contrast from the heavy profile of the boots by slimming down your silhouette further. Leggings also have the added benefit of bunching up a lot less when tucked into boots, ensuring your leggings always look as good as they can be! 


Charleston Skinnies - Navy

Much like leggings, skinnies provide the same slimming benefits for your legs while allowing the lengthening effect of your combat boots to shine. However, their additional textural benefits are where skinnies differ, which add another layer of visual interest to a spring outfit. 

Skinnies are also ideal for achieving the ultimate casual-chic look and can be used as a solid base to add more adventurous items to your outfit. 


Nothing Compares Sweater- Red

Sweaters and combat boots are a classic look for the fall, but that doesn’t mean you can bring them into the spring wardrobe as well. Try using a brighter sweater color during those chilly spring nights, and you’ll instantly look the part! 

Knitwear is always welcome when you’re wearing something like combat boots, as a sweater can soften the harshness of the combat boots profile. 

Leopard Print

As we’ve said before, spring is all about getting adventurous, and nothing speaks “adventure” quite like a bit of leopard print. Even better, leopard print always looks the part with a pair of combat boots, letting you experiment with all kinds of items to find your favorite. 

Try wearing a leopard print dress or skirt to create a playful, alternative vibe. 


Combat boots provide a lot of added visual weight to your outfit. This can be viewed as a bad thing for spring, but we’d argue that it’s quite the opposite. A solid addition to your footwear, like a pair of boots, allows you to have fun with a wide variety of dresses. 

In fact, we’d say that combat boots go so well with dresses that your options are endless. Try combining your boots with a shorter dress for an effortless, playful look for warmer days. Try a long dress to create a fun but alternative vibe for cooler days. 

That’s it for today’s blog! Check out our blogs for more tips and tricks for wearing your favorite clothing items. Until then, we’ll see you in the next blog!