Try These Chic Spring Accessories!

Getting older can be a pain, especially when the world feels like it’s not designed for you anymore. For women over 60, looking and feeling stylish can be a considerable challenge. 

As you grow older, your body changes. It’s a fact. Your shape, posture, and silhouette all go through a slow transformation as the years march on, making the outfits of yesteryear simply inappropriate or uncomfortable as you age.

Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom, as you can still look and feel stunning with the latest trends through the canny usage of winning accessories! 

In today’s blog, we’ll showcase a few of our favorite accessories from our new arrivals collection. We’ll also give you some valuable pointers on what to wear them with and how to make the most of these fantastic additions this Spring! If you’re a woman over the age of 60 and you’re looking to add something new to your wardrobe this spring, this is the blog for you! 

Read on!  


Semi-Precious Cross Necklace by Vibe

The right necklace can instantly elevate your look and make a bold and stylish statement, no matter what you're wearing.

Look for necklaces with exciting shapes and unique details that reflect your personality. Chunky chains, audacious pendants, and layered strands are all fabulous options for making a statement and elevating a simple outfit into something more modern and on-trend. 

Our Semi-Precious Cross Necklace is a great example, featuring a fantastic combination of eye-catching colors, shapes, and textures that make it an ideal way to boost any spring outfit!


Old Hollywood Sunglasses

Spring is all about enjoying the outdoors and basking in a bit of sunshine. 

So, it's time to ditch those drab drugstore sunglasses and upgrade to a pair of chic, designer frames that will have heads turning as you relax at the park, or enjoy some outdoor activities with friends and family.

Look for frames that flatter your face shape and complement your skin tone. Bold, oversized frames are not only on-trend but also add a touch of glamor and sophistication to your look. And for a genuinely Vibe-worthy touch, consider a pair of our Old Hollywood Sunglasses – after all, who doesn't love a little old-school glamor?

Hoop Earrings
Metal & Wood Hoop Earrings by Vibe

A great pair of earrings can go a long way on the fashion front, framing your face and making your spring outfits look more elegant and sophisticated, no matter the occasion!

Crafted with a perfect blend of lustrous metal and warm, natural wood, our Metal and Wood Hoop Earrings embody chic versatility. The combination of materials offers a contemporary twist on the classic hoop, making them perfect for the woman over 60 who adores a touch of fashionable flair. 

Our Metal and Wood Hoop Earrings  will seamlessly carry you from a day at the art gallery to an evening of sipping cocktails with your favorite gal pals, turning heads, and sparking conversation wherever you go.



That’s it for today’s blog! Check out our blogs for more tips and tricks for wearing your favorite clothing items to achieve the perfect Vibe. Our latest arrivals and bestsellers are also an ideal place to search for your next look. Until then, we’ll see you in the next blog!