Try These Affordable Mix & Match Ideas from Us

Mixing and matching the perfect outfit can be fatiguing at times, especially when you stop to consider the cost. If you’re feeling insecure over how specific garments only ever seem suitable for a single outfit, then you’ll only feel worse when you realize how much that one outfit has set you back!

Here at Vibe Clothing, we love our clothes and love creating outfits that brighten our days rather than put us under a cloud of self-doubt. Mixing and matching clothes to create those perfect outfits should always be as fun as possible, which is why our range of clothes is designed to be versatile and straightforward to match together.

So, for today’s blog, we’ve devised a few useful tips on how you can feel the thrills of creating your next favorite outfit again, with loads of options that won’t break the bank at the same time!

Read on!


The easiest way to breathe new life into your wardrobe is to allow yourself to get a little more adventurous with your colors. Now, that doesn’t mean you throw on everything you have in a bright color and hope for the best.

Instead, combine your single-color garments with the darker or more neutral items you have at your disposal. You’ll find yourself being able to pick from the whole spectrum of your yearly wardrobe this way, taking the colors of spring and summer garments and combining them with the depth and neutrality of winter and autumn wear.

Feeling New Texture

Garments with a lot of colors can clash easily, making choosing the right outfit a tricky prospect if you’re looking to keep things affordable. Thankfully, there’s a tried and true way to circumvent the troubles that multiples colors can have - texture.

Mixing your materials can be a surefire way to infuse your wardrobe with some newfound style while also navigating the difficulties some garment combinations can present.

Jackets are the best at this, providing strong outer layers that comfortably reign in the excess of your bright tops and skirts.

Use Statement Pieces 

One way to make easy outfits that stay affordable is to use statement pieces.

Statement pieces are designed to be the first thing someone sees, pulling their attention towards a specific spot in your ensemble. As a result, statement pieces can be sued to your advantage by ensuring even your most basic outfit suddenly pops with life.

Our accessories collection is ideal for statement pieces, try using a necklace, or a pair of trendy patterned sneakers, to add some serious statement power to your next outfit.

Stay Comfortable

One of the easiest ways to ensure you have the best outfit available is to consider your personal comfort as your top priority. Ok, so you probably do that all of the time, but we’re all guilty of wearing certain items to complete any outfit, regardless of uncomfortable they might be.

Staying comfortable is also about keeping things simple yet stylish. Keep it straightforward with an ensemble of soft textures and simple colors, and you won’t be disappointed.

Our cardigans are the perfect items for this, adding style in spades while staying extremely comfy at the same time. Combine with a pair of Charleston Skinnies and a trendy graphic tee and you’ll always have the ideal outfit for any occasion.

That’s it for today’s blog! Check out our blogs for more tips and tricks for wearing your favorite clothing items. Until then, we’ll see you in the next blog!