Our Outfit Ideas For Wearing Dark Leggings Over 40


Black Leggings by Vibe Clothing Company

Leggings can be the ultimate comfort wear for many, especially as the weather changes to slightly warmer, less predictable climates during the spring. As a result, leggings are fantastic options for year-round clothing and outfit ideas.

Of course, there is a prevailing belief that leggings are a “young-persons game.” We’re here to say otherwise. Wearing leggings should be a style choice for everyone; you just have to think differently about how we wear certain clothing items.

Case-in-point - dark leggings. What they provide in a slimmed-down profile and easier layer options, they punish when paired with certain tops and accessories, more so than regular pants.

Thankfully, at Vibe, we love a good guide and dedicate today’s blog to figuring out the best ways to maximize your pairs of dark leggings for when you’re over 40. We’re so confident in our ideas that we reckon these outfits would look great under 40 as well!

Read on!

Breaking it Down

Before diving in, it's important to understand what dark leggings are and the parameters when wearing them. As previously stated, dark leggings are ideal for transitioning from winter to spring and can be worn with a lot of versatility.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear leggings like regular trousers; instead, use your leggings as a more supportive piece of clothing that ensures onlookers see the parts of your outfit you want to stand out most.

So, with that established, let’s get moving!


For many, tunics always seem like something else that’s been cornered by a certain percentage of body types. Thankfully, dark leggings are fantastic at opening the door for everyone to enjoy them!

Pairing a pair of dark leggings with a tunic makes for an excellent combo that takes advantage of the strengths of both items. A tunic provides a neat and clean presentation for the upper body, while the leggings create a similar effect for the lower body.

Both items blend excellently together with the tunics over-the-waist design, creating a slimmed-down silhouette for the wearer without making you look like you’re wearing a onesie at the same time.

Vests & Kimonos

Part of the charm of dark leggings is their ability to enhance the spots of your outfit you want to be seen the most. What better way to ensure those parts get their attention than by making them standouts themselves! Vests and kimonos create a lot of bright, colorful real estate for your upper body when worn and feature plenty of alluring patterns.


Even better, both vests and kimonos provide a neat framing for your accessories with their open front, making it easy to wear an eye-catching necklace with which you want to get a lot of attention.

Combine with dark leggings, and you have a whole outfit designed to enhance the key areas of your ensemble for onlookers effortlessly.


Sneakers provide a whole heap of value to your outfit when worn with dark leggings as the leggings create separation from your main outfit and your shoes. This makes your sneakers pop even more, allowing you to have fun with more playful designs that wouldn’t look right when paired with other pants styles.

That’s it for today’s blog! Check out our blogs for more tips and tricks for wearing your favorite clothing items. Until then, we’ll see you in the next blog!