Top 5 Essential Fashion Tips for Tall Women

tall woman

Are you a tall woman? Finding the right clothes can be incredibly hard for tall women. Read on to learn the 5 essential fashion tips for tall women.

The average height of American women is five feet and four inches. Fortunately for you, you’re anything but average. Fashion trends and clothing companies don’t always want to keep up with you though.

Tall girls know finding the right clothes can be a real trick. What looks cute on a shorter girl might look almost silly on you.

If this sounds like you, keep these five essential fashion tips tucked in your back pocket. They’ll make styling a unique, flattering wardrobe so much simpler.

1. Tall Women Should Embrace Bold

Most tall women have had the experience of walking into a room and feeling all eyes glued to them. Your height gives you presence. Some tall women try to shy away and dress conservatively.

Tall women should embrace their ability to draw attention to themselves. Why not play it up with bold patterns and prints? Your height gives you a distinct advantage over your more petite friends.

2. Turn Too Short Clothes into Fashion Statements with This Trick

If you’re tall, you know all too well the problem of a pair of pants coming up a little too short to look fashionable. Maxi dresses and skirts can have the same problem. They’re supposed to sweep the ground, but yours is barely brushing your ankles.

When a bottom comes up a little shy of the marker, get creative. If pants come up shy, create a small cuff to create a trendy cropped look. For dresses, tie up the sides to turn that maxi into a midi.

3. Create Balance in Your Outfits

Not all tall girl fashion will work on every individual tall girl. Why? Two women who are tall might not have the same body proportions.

You might have broad shoulders, while a friend of yours might prefer to balance out her hips. Both of you need to create balance in your outfits, but you’ll need to do it in different ways.

For women who have broad shoulders, look for fashions that emphasize your hips. For women who need more up top, look for tops that give you the illusion of broader shoulders. Steer clear of fashions that draw attention to your lower half.

4. Be Bold with Accessories

Think big and bold when it comes to accessorizing. Big statement pieces flatter you, and they’ll help you pull your outfit together.

Don’t shy away from colors and don’t forget to coordinate either. Think about matching purse-and-shoes ensembles.

5. Emphasize Your Legs

Many tall girls have long legs. Unless you’re trying to hide them, think about outfits that draw attention to your gams. Wear heels to accent them, but don’t forget the three-inch rule.

Jumpsuits and skinny jeans are a tall girl’s best friends. When it comes to skirts, think about keeping the hemline above your knee and skip the mini-dresses.

Looking for Great Tall Girl Fashion?

Styling tips can help tall women like you put together flawless outfits. Shopping with the right retailers can also help you find exactly what you’re looking for in flattering fits.

If you’re looking for amazing tall girl fashion, why not take a look around the shop? We’ve got the classic pieces you need to start building your best wardrobe yet.