Sophisticated and Sassy: Mix and Match Your Wardrobe Versatility

Everyone is looking for that sophisticated and sassy look. We reveal the best tips and tricks on how to mix and match your wardrobe versatility .

A versatile wardrobe is the staple of any fashionable woman. Fashion is about so much more than the accumulation of bold, expensive pieces of fabric. As many fashion goddesses, from Coco Chanel to Anna Wintour have explained in the past, good fashion is about making do with what you’ve got.

It’s about how you wear something, not simply what you own. Building a versatile wardrobe will allow you to mix and match a few select pieces in a way that means you’ll have a vast array of different looks for every occasion.

It’s about knowing which pieces are adaptable and which are reliable. A versatile wardrobe will teach you what it means to use your clothes to their fullest effect.

Here’s how you can mix and match your wardrobe versatility to give you sophisticated and sassy looks for every day of the year.

Mix and Match Your Wardrobe Versatility: The Sophisticated Classics

Versatility does not mean that you need a large collection of diverse pieces. Rather, it means using a small number of pieces to form the foundation of your looks.

Every versatile wardrobe should have a few sophisticated classics that can be used for every look. This includes smart-casual items such as the classic white button-down shirt, as well as the streamlined pencil skirt.

A little black dress is an absolute must, as is an elegantly fitted sweater that highlights your body shape.

Have a One-Hit Wonder to Hand

It is essential to throw a one-hit-wonder into the mix. You’ll need a statement piece that suits you perfectly and can be accessorized in a variety of ways.

Jumpsuits are undoubtedly the best examples of such one-hit wonders, as they are perfect for both evening and daytime wear, as well as both casual and formal settings.

A good jumpsuit will be your suit of armor and a piece of clothing you should cherish.

Utilize Your Basics

Versatility also means getting maximum mileage out of the basic essentials. Everybody has a pair of tennis shoes, some black stockings, and a white t-shirt to hand, but few people use them effectively.

These basic items should be seen not as mere necessities, but as a canvas with which you can fill with color and with the right accessories.

The key to sophisticated fashion is being able to put together a million-dollar outfit with just a t-shirt, blue jeans, and some beat-up old sneakers.

The Art of the Color Palette

If you want to be able to effectively mix and match your style, you’ll need to understand the ins and outs of color palettes. Clashing is one of the true high crimes of fashion, one which people fall into all too often thanks to their lack of understanding of color schemes.

Ideally, your wardrobe should be comprised of just one or two color palettes which work. If dark, muted colors are your thing then it makes little sense to start buying pastel or neon pieces.

Learn which tones and palettes work for you and stick with them.

Get the Look Today

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