5 Must Have Accessories for Winter in 2021

Once the weather starts to cool down, it is easier for us to layer up with stylish boutique clothing and make a statement. Winter fashion is often the most fun to style and today we want to talk specifically about accessories.

Accessorizing in winter is a fun way to elevate a simple outfit and you can easily bring new life to a simple piece of clothing with the right accessory.

Plaid Blanket kimono a winter accessory must have

Here are 5 Must-Have accessories to add to any outfit this Winter.


Knee-high boots have become more and more popular in recent years and they are now a staple in our wardrobes during autumn and winter. Take the chance this winter to style any leggings or dress with knee-high boots to instantly make it sexier and more elegant. Boots like these also work brilliantly with a skirt and a roll neck top for an instantly stunning French-inspired look. You can also find an array of different colored booties to kick up (no pun intended) your casual looks as well!

fall outfit with tall black boots

A Stunning Scarf

There are many beautiful fashion accessories to enjoy in the winter, but none come and are close to being showstopping as a chunky scarf. A chunky tartan or bright-colored scarf can be just what your outfit needs to finish it off and make it into a stunning look. Choose to add a scarf to either a simple tee and jeans assemble, tuck into a pea-coat, or style over a skirt and top. There are countless ways to bring a scarf into your wardrobe and make it look amazing.

Infinity Scarf

A Fashionable Hat

A good hat is always needed in the winter and a comfortable hat can be a stylish choice. If you are looking to make yourself look a little suaver this winter, pair a classy hat like this leopard bucket hat with a long sleeve shirt, and a cardigan or kimono. This combination is both classic and comfortable and will make you look like you have put in a huge effort every day.

animal print bucket hat a must have winter accessory

Gold Touches

One of the best parts of winter is that you can layer different materials on top of each other – and gold is a stunning feature to bring to your outfits this season. A gold chain, bracelet, buckle, or bag can bring a touch of class and elegance to any outfit and will instantly make you feel like you are ready to hit the town.

metallic gold polka-dot cardigan from Vibe Clothing

A Pop of Red

One simple way to bring a fun touch to any outfit during the winter season is with a pop of red. Winter is a great time to enjoy monochromatic outfits and adding a pop of vivid red is often the perfect way to set this off. Consider wearing your favorite white jumper and black jeans and finishing the look with red lips, red shoes or a red bag. A pop of berry color is perfect for winter and will bring the whole ensemble together.

Remember you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be fashionable, and these are some helpful tips and tricks you can use every day to make your fashion pop.

Red Waffle Cardigan from vibe clothing