How to Create a Sexy but Sophisticated Look

You don’t have to bare-it-all to be attractive. This quick guide will show you how to create a look that is sexy and sophisticated at the same time.

form fitted black top

Did you know that only 14 percent of major fashion brands are run by female executives? This fact is surprising, but it may explain why there is confusion on how to dress sexy but classy at the same time.

Sexy and classy do not have to mean two different things. It’s easy to pair items together to create the perfect alluring, yet sophisticated, wardrobe. However, women need examples in the fashion industry to learn from.

We know women are looking to upgrade their style in a sexy way all while staying away from the teeny trends. There can be a fine line between sexy and trashy, but we’ll walk you through how to dress your age and keep it fun, sexy, and classy.

Animal Print

Animal print is a fun way to catch someone’s eye. These patterns are often seen as exciting, adventurous, and flirty.

Adding animal print into your wardrobe is an easy way to spice up the everyday look from the office to out on the town.

Animal print can be sexy business attire that is appropriate for the office.

How should you style animal print to keep it sexy and classy? It is easiest to style these vibrant prints if you think of them as neutrals when pairing together outfits.

Animal Print dress from Vibe Clothing Company

Perfect Fit

Few things in life are more satisfying than a perfect-fitting pair of jeans. It is sexy to show off your curves in a classy way.

To find the ideal sexy and classy jeans, look for denim that has stretch in the material. Stretch paired with a darker wash provides the most flattering look for most body types.

It’s important to wear jeans for your age. While “mom jeans” are a trend, it is not stylish to wear jeans meant for your daughter. You can keep it classy by shopping at the right stores and departments for your age.

Pairing your new jeans with a sophisticated top and a cute pair of bold heels can elevate your style to a new level.