Plus Size Summer Outfit Ideas That Are Ready for the Beach

Beach weather is in full swing. Lighten up your look with these cute plus size summer outfit ideas!

Plus size women wear apparels whose sizes are between 10 and 14. According to Statista, the average woman’s dress size in the US ranges between 14 and 16. With a significant number of women purchasing plus size wear in the US, the sales of plus size women apparel are recorded to have increased by 3 percent.

Even so, shopping for a plus size lady can be quite challenging. With summer already here, planning a relaxing trip can be quite stressful if you do not know what to wear.

Here are some stylish plus size summer outfits ideas you can wear to the beach.

1. Plus Size Beach Dresses

Plus size dresses are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They require minimal styling and give you a cute look. You need to find a dress that correctly fits you and makes the most out of your curves.

Since it is summer, you do not want apparels that are difficult to wear. You should get one that is simple to dress and undress without having to pull down your hemline.

Get a dress that fits onto your waist or has an empire line cut that skims over bumps or lumps on your body. You can choose one with a neckline similar to a swimwear neckline. If you have a bikini that is a halter neck, the dress too should be a halter neck.

You can finish your style by piling your hair up high on your head for an elegant and chic look.

2. A Two Piece Bathing suit

With the very many different styles in the market, a bikini is a very viable option for plus size ladies. The 1950s style, with their high-waist bottoms, are having a comeback. They work very well with curvy ladies as they can keep their tummies in check.

Those that have skirts help ladies that need to create curvy hips to get a more visual balance. On top, you can use a two-piece that contains molded cups to hold in place the larges chests and provide a little help to those with smaller busts.

If you lack the confidence of staying with only a two-piece, you can cover up with a kaftan or a T-shirt. You can wear your two-piece with a plus size dress if you want to take a walk on the beach.

3. Kimono

A kimono is a highly versatile garment that you should never leave behind when going for a vacation. You can wear it all year round over your leggings, jeans, shorts or even swimsuit. During summer, you should get a kimono made from a light, sheer material.

You want the fabric to give your skin ample breathing space while still protecting it from the glare of the sun. You should avoid kimono that do not have any shape as they make you look bigger than your true self. Try to find one that comes with an empire line.

While you can go for any style by wearing ankle size kaftans, you should consider getting those that fall just above the knees as they are more useful. The ultimate beach look is wearing a swimsuit with a kimono and matching it with a net sack bag with some trendy sandals. 

Plus Size Summer Outfit Ideas to Remember

Before shopping for a new summer garment, carefully inspect your body to learn all the areas you can highlight and those that you need to conceal. Once you understand your body, choosing an outfit that works for you becomes very simple.

We hope that the above few plus size summer outfit ideas can help you jumpstart your creative mind when choosing the best outfit.

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