Look Stylish All the Time: 4 Secrets to Accessorizing Everyday Outfits

secrets to accessorizing

Accessorizing can take an outfit to extraordinary heights! Here are some fashion secrets on how to accessorize with any outfit.

The average person only wears 20% of their clothes regularly. This may seem a bit shocking at first, but if you take a look at your closet, you may realize that you’re a part of this statistic.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to trash the remaining 80% of your wardrobe. By learning some vital tips on accessorizing, you can give these outfits new life and start wearing them again.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading to discover our top 4 secrets to accessorizing everyday outfits.

1. Create a Cohesive Look

Before you start accessorizing in the morning, take a minute to evaluate your outfit.

What colors are you wearing? Is your outfit casual or professional? What’s the style (i.e. boho, preppy, chic, etc.).

When it comes time to accessorize, only choose items that harmonize with your outfit. The easiest way to narrow your accessories down is by looking at color.

Once you’ve found accessories that match your outfit, further narrow it down by considering style and formality. For example, you wouldn’t want to wear big, chunky boots with a light summer dress. Instead, you’d want to go for something preppy, like strappy sandals.

2. Go Bold

Do you have a few plain outfits going unworn? You can make a huge impact by going bold with your accessories.

Statement earrings or necklaces can give plain outfits that much-needed wow factor. If the outfit is solid black or white, you can use your accessories and statement piece to add a fun pop of color! Just make sure all your accessories use the same color if you choose to go this route.

3. Look at Proportions

Of course, bold isn’t always better. To avoid overwhelming your outfits, consider your proportions.

If your outfit is voluminous, you’ll want to wear fewer accessories. The accessories you do wear should be on the simple side. Remember, your accessories should enhance your outfit, not compete with it.

On the flip side, slimmer outfits can be taken to the next level by wearing big and bold accessories, like chandelier earrings or a nice statement ring.

4. Go Past Jewelry

Many women fall into the trap of focusing on jewelry when it comes time to accessorize. But don’t forget to take belts, scarves, sunglasses, hats, shoes, and purses into consideration too!

For example, a feminine summer dress would look good with dainty feminine jewelry. However, you can still add extra interest by going with a wide-brimmed hat!

If you want to add a wow-factor to your black pantsuit but worry that a big statement necklace isn’t professional enough for the office, consider wearing a string necklace with red accents. You can then really pack a punch with red heels and a red handbag.

Your Ultimate Guide to Accessorizing

Don’t let your outfits fall flat! Instead, follow our guide to accessorizing and learn how you can take your everyday outfits to the next level.

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