In with the New: 2020 Fashion Trends You Can Expect Next Spring


It’s always fun to check out what’s coming in women’s fashion. Learn some of the 2020 fashion trends you can expect to see next spring.

Fashion shows hold a fascinating history: once banning photography for fear the photographers were spies, now a global, multimillion-dollar business.

While the world of high fashion may seem like it has little to do with us regular folks, the truth is that the fashion weeks of the world’s most stylish cities have a big impact on the fashion trends you see the next season.

This coming spring, we can expect to see a lot of fun, comfortable, and colorful styles. Frankly, it’s going to he hard to resist some of these 2020 fashion trends.

Which of this year’s new trends should you incorporate into your spring wardrobe? Let’s take a look!

2020 Fashion Trends to Look out for This Coming Spring

There’s nothing too stuffy about this springs fashion trends, and we’re thankful for that. We’ve scoured the world from the catwalk to the street to find the hottest spring 2020 fashion trends.

Technicolor Dreams

Get ready to kiss the winter blues goodbye with a palette of bold and bright colors. The runway this fall was overflowing with tangerines, highlighter neons, and technicolor rainbows.

Grandma Chic

Another standout motif of this spring’s fashion collection was a modern take on old-fashioned styles. Often combined with more modern and refined pieces, models cat-walked down the runway wearing handcrafted pieces that were crotched, hand embroidered, and covered in delicate, doily lace.

The Modest, Modern School Girl

The revival of the pleated, knee-length skirt is another one of our favorite vintage trends for this year. Flattering, comfortable, and not too showy, this classic look can be found at retail stores and at your favorite second-hand shop.

Overalls, Jumpsuits, and Rompers, Oh My!

This existing trend will not die with the new year, but rather will live on in the world of 2020 fashion. An awesome way to look fashionable and stay ultra-comfy, I for one am going to milk the overalls-as-stylish trend for as long as I can.

And once you try out the flattering, you’ll be buying them in every fabric and color!

The ’90s Are Here to Stay

Everybody loves 90s fashion, from the jeans to the jewelry and from the plaid to the hair accessories (why did we ever stop wearing scrunchies in the first place?!)

One of the best things about the ’90s fashion revival is that it’s easy to mix new pieces with second-hand ones. This vintage trend will suit you well if you love supplementing your wardrobe with thrift store finds.

Accent Your Own Unique Style with This Spring’s Fashion Trends

Looking to fashion week and street trends is a great way to find some inspiration for fun pieces to incorporate into your own existing look. While a lot of runway outfits are pretty impractical, they tend to set the tone for the more realistic styles we’ll see walking around town.

Ready to incorporate some of the 2020 fashion trends into your spring wardrobe? Head on over to our online store to shop our collection of affordable and stylish clothing and accessories!