How to Style a Jumpsuit Better Than J. Lo

Are you wondering how to style a jumpsuit like a pro? Here, we show you how to do your hair, how to find the perfect fit, and what the best accessories are!

Are you tired of digging through your closet and struggling to find something nice to wear?

If you have a hard time finding cute matches or you just want to switch your wardrobe up, a jumpsuit can be your dream outfit. Not only are they flattering and versatile, but they’re also so easy to style. Adding more jumpsuits into your rotation is one of the easiest ways to get out of a fashion rut.

Want to learn how to style a jumpsuit like a pro? Keep reading for the ultimate style guide.

How to Wear a Jumpsuit: Choose the Right Fit

Before you can accessorize your outfit, you need to make sure your base looks good. Since there are so many different jumpsuit styles, you need to pick one that suits your taste and the occasion.

If you’re going for a classy look, you should opt for a modest, tailored jumpsuit. Casual jumpsuits can have bolder patterns, show more skin, and look more loose. If you want something in between, you can’t go wrong with a form-fitting top and bottoms that flair out.

How to Style a Jumpsuit With Accessories

Although jumpsuits look great on their own, a few simple accessories can elevate your look to a whole new level. One of the best accessories for jumpsuits is a waist belt. Not only will a belt add an eye-catching break between the top and bottoms, but it will also hug your curves in the right place.

Layering is another technique you can use to add more personality to your outfit. If you’re wearing a jumpsuit during a cooler month, you can stay cozy with a cardigan. During the summer, a kimono is the perfect lightweight accessory.

One of the best parts about jumpsuits is that you can dress them up effortlessly with some jewelry. Long necklaces can have a slimming effect, and dangling earrings are stunning with updos.

Experiment With Different Hairstyles for Jumpsuits

The good news is that you can wear your hair however you’d like with your jumpsuit. Whether it’s up or down, you’re guaranteed to look incredible. Since you know your hair, trust your instincts and choose a hairstyle that complements you best.

As a general rule of thumb, formal looks pair well with updos. A sleek ponytail, bun, or half-ponytail can help you look polished and accentuate your makeup. Wearing your hair down can help you look more relaxed and effortlessly beautiful.

Complete Your Jumpsuit Fashion Look With Cute Shoes

The last step for styling jumpsuits is to find a pair of shoes that ties your whole look together. If you’re wearing your jumpsuit to work, neutral flats are always a tasteful and comfortable option. If you want more flair, you can choose open-toed wedges, ankle booties, or sandals.

Since your jumpsuit should be the highlight of your look, don’t try to hide the bottoms with long boots. If your jumpsuit has an athletic style, don’t be afraid to pair it with some sneakers for a fun, sporty outfit.

Ready to Look Your Best?

Now that you know how to style a jumpsuit, you can always feel confident and beautiful. The most important tip to remember is to stay true to your unique taste so you can shine from the inside out.

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