How to Stay Fashionable When it’s Over 70 Degrees

Spring means warmer weather, meaning you have to change your mindset when it comes to staying fashionable without relying on multiple layers of clothing.

It can be challenging to come up with an exciting or complimentary outfit during the warmer months, if only because there’s much less to work with when it comes to framing and layering your clothing options. Battling the heat can be a huge drag as well, and once the day reaches over 70 degrees, staying cool becomes a vital priority.

However, if you find yourself loft during the warmer periods and want to read a guide on what to wear with some key examples of outfits that work, then look no further and keep reading!

Babydoll & Jeans

Spring Siesta Babydoll Tank & Caspian Skinnies

We’ll start with a look so timeless that we often wonder how anyone could ever forget it.

A babydoll and a pair of comfortable jeans is the ultimate casual-chic outfit and is ideally suited to just about every type of weather and occasion. So, whether you’re running errands, going to a party, or just lounging around the house, you’ll always be on-trend with this basic combo.

T-Shirt & Skirt

High Fashion Maxi SkirtSunny Tops

High Fashion Maxi Skirt & Sunny Top - Hot Pink

Much like the above combo, a neat fitting, single color t-shirt and skirt is the sort of timeless outfit that will always look good.

T-shirts are ideal tools for slimming down a silhouette and keeping your frontage simple enough to layer over using accessories without feeling gaudy in the process. Combining this with a skirt can further emphasize your legs to create an effortless look and vibe.

Sweater & Denim Skirt

Caspian Skirt

A wonderfully creative combo that relies on the stark differences in texture and style between the two items, this two-piece combo is ideal for warmer days without sacrificing your good knitwear in the process.

Denim skirts are fantastic for slimming your profile, making them perfect foils for a gorgeously baggy piece of knitwear that helps create a slobby-chic style that looks profoundly smart at the same time.

Summer Dress & Boots

Stand In The Storm Button Up Dress

Stand in the Storm Buttoned Dress

Short-length dresses and boots are so perfect together it’s a wonder anyone could ever think otherwise.

Choosing a dress with a playful pattern is a must so you can take advantage of the lighter material as much as possible. Simply combine with a few accessories, such as a necklace and bracelets, and you’ll be ready for a whole range of gatherings and occasions in no time!

Tunics & Sandals

Rock The Boat Babydoll Dress-CoralHadden Sandals

Rock the Boat Babydoll Tunic & Hadden Sandals

Tunics are profoundly versatile pieces of clothing that make them well suited for most outfits and styles. However, when worn as a dress and paired with a simple set of sandals, you’d be amazed at how well they can stand on their own as warmer weather wear.

The sandals are equally important as well and should straddle the line between chunky and comfortable to help ground the outfit with getting your feet hot in the process.