How to freshen your wardrobe with Floral Prints

One of the most satisfying aspects of spring is the gorgeous visuals of blooming flowers. After a long winter, it can be incredibly refreshing to see the flora return to its former glory! 

As a result, it’s pretty common to see folks breaking out floral designs in their outfit. In fact, florals have probably been one of the most enduring seasonal trends in fashion, thanks in no small part to how endearing the designs can be. 

Naturally, though, some floral outfits can fall flat if you don’t take care to avoid some of the pitfalls of the patterns and styles. So, as a result, we’ve written today's blog to help you figure out the best way to look fresh and original when breaking out florals of your own. 

Maxi Dresses


Dresses often make a massive comeback in the spring. Of course, it’s no surprise, given how light and flowing a dress can be after wrapping up so much during the colder season. Dresses are also ideal ways to wear floral patterns as the flow of the lighter material lends further visual beauty to the designs! 

Maxi dresses, in particular, are especially perfect for creating a desirable, flowing silhouette that maximizes the details of a floral design. 


While a dress can be a great way to wear floral designs as a single piece; kimonos offer an excellent opportunity to add floral designs more incrementally. As a kimono is often a top layer in an outfit, they offer a lot of flexibility for more adventurous designs. 

Floral designs work exceptionally well with kimonos because of how naturally the design matches the material's behavior. Like many summer and spring dresses, kimonos are typically made from a lighter, more flowing material, ideal for floral spring outfits. 



Like kimonos, vests are perfect additions to anyone looking to integrate floral patterns into their outfit. Vests are typically even lighter than kimonos and are ideal choices for outfits where you may be looking for a slimmer profile to combat the complex patterning. 

Lace Cardigans

If you’re unsure about floral colors, but would like to take advantage of the detailed patterning, then a lace top or cardigan can be a perfect addition to your outfit. Lace works perfectly as a top-most layer of an outfit as the fine quality of the material allows the colors of the inner layers to shine through. Most lace items integrate floral patterns as well, making them perfect for a more demure approach to floral outfit ideas. 


Necklaces are perfect pairings for floral patterned clothing as they help break up the pattern to frame sections of your person and create emphasis around your neck and shoulders. Consider sticking with more simple jewelry designs that compliment the colors of the floral patterns you’ve chosen.

Spring is all about maximizing the visuals of your outfit, so it makes sense to use as much as you can to lend additional colors and textures to your outfit.