Curvy and Fabulous: How to Find Curvy Girl Outfits that Fit Your Style

You’re curvy and you have your own style. You want to show it off too. Check out these tips to finding curvy girl outfits that let you show off that style.

plus size curvy model wearing leopard print top

You don’t have to be a fashion model to have great style. Plus size is just a larger number and can be fashionable same as anyone. Fashion works when we like how we look and feel in our clothes. When you embrace your body shape, you can find clothes that fit your curvy frame.

Don’t shy away from the current trends just because you have extra curves

68% of American woman fit into a size 14 or higher and most of them dress outside of their natural body shape. Heather, the owner of Vibe, created her online boutique to help the average woman find fashionable clothing options. Find your inner fashionista and don some curvy girl outfits that are sure to turn heads.

Dress According to Your Body-Shop

Body shape matters when you’re aiming to drape your curves in the right style. Shopping for clothes that don’t fit your form could make outfits look awkward on your frame.

Learn your body shape.

Fashion often relies on four major body shapes–apple, pear, banana, and hourglass.


Apple-shaped women tend to carry most of their weight around the abdomen area. They have broader busts and shoulders, with smaller hips.

Although, they’re well-proportioned, they don’t have a defined waistline. So, it’s best to play up your legs, arms, and bust. V-necks are your friend. Pair them with them some relaxed-fit jeans. And stick with dramatics, like flowy tops.

If you wear a dress or skirt, go with an A-Line silhouette. The hem in A-line accents the bust and overlooks the waist to create the letter A. You look smaller in the long run. And yes, you can get away with skinny jeans.


Pear-Shaped or bell shapes have a waistline that’s wider than their bust. Because you have fuller hips and rear, say yes to maxi dresses. They accent your overall figure.

Don’t shy away from fitted tops. They draw eyes to your narrow waistline and away from your hips. Consider wearing darker colors on the bottom to balance things out proportionately.


Banana Shapedwomen are more rectangular-shaped. You may wear a larger size but you’re not necessarily curvy. You’re smart to choose styles that give you a proportionate definition.

Start with halter-style tops and dresses. Spice things up by going strapless. To add layered definition, pair an oversized top with trousers or skinny jeans.

The Hourglass shape

Yes, curvy girls have hourglass shapes too! If you have a defined waist with fuller hips, thighs, and bust, almost anything tailored works.

Shop for form-fitting knits and peplum blouses. Then dazzle as you layer them with low-rise, hugging bottoms. Leggings and jeans that fit-to-frame are your best friend. They highlight your figure.

Stay away from loose, boxy fits. They’ll make you larger while doing nothing for your shape. If you can’t resist, add a belt to center the outfit around your hourglass.

tyedye plus size model wearing Vibe Clothing

Undergarments and Body-Shapers

Wearing the wrong undergarments can mess up a good outfit. Take your time and shop for great bras and underwear. Body-shapers don’t hurt either.

The average woman wears the wrong size bra. In the UK, 80% of women wear wrongly sized bras. It’s noticeable, ladies.

And despite popular belief, there’s a right and a wrong way to wear a thong. They don’t go with every outfit.

Get fitted. Most department stores have salespeople who specialize in fitting for undergarments.

Having a rightly-fitted foundation helps you pull off the perfect outfit.

Accessorize Your Curvy Girl Outfits


If you have hourglass curves, bless your outfit with a skinny belt.

Necklaces exaggerate the bustline. So, if you’re apple-shaped, you don’t want to leave these out of your outfit. Clutches and purses give your style choice structure and texture as well.

Rings lengthen the arms. And if you’re more banana-shaped, bangle bracelets do you justice.

models wearing belts as acessory

Flatter Your Curves

A fuller figure isn’t an automatic delegation to drawstring pants and oversized t-shirts. Plus-size fashion comes with viable options.

These fashion tips help you find the perfect curvy girl outfits to flex your personal fashion style. Take a look at our new arrivals for more insight into how to design the perfect fit.

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