How to Dress Well on a Budget: 5 Tips to stay Fashionable

There is a big misconception when looking at Instagram influencers and TikTok stars that fashion has to be expensive. However, for most of us regular women living our busy lives – fashion can more often than not be incredibly affordable and easy to achieve.

Whether you want to try out a new style, mix and match new accessories, or restyle old clothes – we want to show you some of the ways you can dress well even on a budget this year.

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You don’t need to spend the earth to look good – and with our tips, you’ll be able to feel confident and fashionable while still sticking to your budget.

5 Tips to Stay Fashionable on a Budget

1.Restyle old clothes

The first step you should take when looking to change your fashion for the better is to take stock of your current clothes and see if you can make some new outfits from them. If for example there is a stunning red skirt you long to wear but you aren’t sure how to style it – search ‘red skirt outfit’ on Pinterest and see what comes up. Now you can look in your own collection to see what you have that will go with your skirt. Dress it up, take a photo, and save it in an album called ‘outfits’ so you don’t forget!

2.Use reselling sites

It is a truly painful moment when you are scrolling through Facebook and an ad for your favorite fashion brand comes up, you love an item, and click on it only to find it’s sold out. Well, don’t fret. A lot of the time, resellers will buy items and sell them at a much lower price on sites such as eBay. Go on eBay and search the item you want and you’ll find the same and similar items for a much more affordable price. It is worth doing this any time you want a new item because it will save you a lot of money!

3. Use a clothes swap app

Apps such as Vinted allow you to sell clothes but they also allow you to trade. This means if you see something you like you can offer to trade something you no longer want or need in return. It will mean getting a new piece of clothing without spending a single penny!

4. Dress it up with jewelry

One easy way to dress up any outfit is to wear rings or a necklace over the top. Gold rings and necklaces are very affordable and they come in different sizes and shapes to allow you to play around with where they go in your hands. Jewelry makes every outfit look instantly better and it will be a cheap way to improve your fashion sense in minutes. Check out some of the jewelry at Vibe Clothing Company.

5. Match your hair to your clothing

It might sound strange – but certain hairstyles sometimes only suit certain clothing. This might be why sometimes you feel out of place wearing a piece or an outfit you love – because your hair isn’t right for it. Try experimenting with different hairstyles when you wear certain clothing and note down which ones suit it. A sleek hair-do can be perfect for the office and with jumpsuits whereas flowing curls are perfect for summer dresses and maxi skirts. Play around and find harmony and it will make you feel more fashionable without spending a penny.


We hope these simple tips will help you to stay fashionable on a budget and give you some inspiration this week. Check out our always low prices on quality women’s clothing of all shapes and sizes at Vibe Clothing Company.