What are the Hottest Trending Accessories This Summer?

Part of staying in fashion is having updated accessories to complement your outfits. Here are the top trending accessories for this summer so you can be up to date and find a few of them in time for the solstice.

If we asked you to flip through your last credit card statement and tally up all of your recent accessory purchases, would it send you into a panic? Don’t worry; you’re in good company.

The average woman spends $161 on clothing every month, although, we admit we sometimes spend more than that on shoes alone. Accessories can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be!

We understand it can be hard–and costly–to keep up with today’s trending accessories, especially when we don’t have the budget of a New York Fashion Week model. From the current jewelry trends to the newest hat craze, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive into the four trending accessories you’ll be sure to see this summer.

Summer’s Trending Accessories

From runway to real life, we’ve rounded up the best fashion accessories hitting summer 2018. Let’s see the absolute must-have items that belong in your summer bag.

1. Wicker is Quicker

Not to kill your summer vibe but skin cancer is a real threat to your beach bod. Embrace the shade in style with a straw or woven, wicker hat. Try out this trend on the beach this

Say no to wrinkles by covering your face in a lightweight, breathable woven fabric like wicker. This type of material is not only good for the planet but your skin too!

2. Shapey Sunglasses

No one’s stepping outdoors this summer without a stylish pair of sunnies to compliment their outfit. Up your glasses game with one of the new shapes.

  • Cat-Eye
  • Sporty
  • Round

The options for shades this season are as unique as they are endless. Will you dare to work a pair of round, patterned frames or a shaded sports lens?

3. Bold Metal Pieces

One of the boldest trends gracing runways everywhere is the large metal accessories accenting simple outfits. Looking to be a show stopper? We adore a metallic thick-heeled bootie paired with dark jeans.

If you’re not ready to fully commit to this daring trend, start small. Try adding a gold wrist cuff or a chrome clutch before heading out the door to add a little spark to your ensemble.

4. Tassels Statement Necklaces

The 16th century called, and they want to donate their tassels. No longer for drapes, tassels are appearing everywhere in accessories from purses to hats to shoes.

Our favorite use of the trend? A statement necklace. Dress up a casual blouse with one of these amazing tassel necklaces that we’ve been obsessing over, and you’ll be sure to grab some attention.

When you show up to the beach this summer without your wicker hat and cat-eye glasses, feeling so 2017, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Which of these trends will you be rocking?

Turn some heads this vacation by trying out all of the summer’s trending accessories. Whether you’re hiding under a hat by the ocean or hitting the clubs in a metal plated corset belt, be the best-dressed girl on the scene.

For all the must-haves this season and fashion inspiration, check us out here and never miss another thing.