Here's What's Happening with Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is right around the corner, and now is the time to start preparing your wardrobe. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy anything until you check out the hottest new spring fashion trends of 2018.

The trends to follow come directly from the latest runway shows. Here’s what you need to know so you can strut your stuff in style.

Checkered Prints

It’s time to retire your tired old plaids and replace them with a trendy new checkered print. Look for this to show up on jackets, shirts, and pants in the coming months.

Wide Belts

Wide belts in a variety of colors are all the rage this spring. Pick up a few in different colors and styles so you can easily coordinate this piece with the rest of your outfit.

Lavender Hue

Millennial pink was one of last year’s hottest spring fashion trends. This year, it’s being replaced with a gorgeous shade of lavender. This shade recently dominated the runways and is expected to spill over into every trendy girl’s spring wardrobe.

Fringe Bags

Fringed purses and bags are making a comeback. Expect to see them in a variety of colors and styles this spring. Don’t be surprised if you also see daring moves like using glittery gold or metallic navy to really set these pieces apart.

80’s Style Statement Jewelry

Accessory trends change from season to season. This time designers are bringing the 80’s back with big, bulky statement jewelry. Look for necklaces and earrings to lean towards being large and loud.

Blazers are Back

Although we love bomber jackets, they were way overdone last year. This year, trendy blazers are the way to go. Pair one with a nice pair of jeans or take things to the next level with a full pantsuit set.

Romantic Ruffles

Soft, romantic ruffles add a feminine touch to your spring wardrobe. Look for light, flowy materials, soft patterns, and delicate colors.

Glitter and Shine

You simply can’t go wrong with well-done sequins, glitter, sparkle, and shine. This trend isn’t just for nighttime anymore. This spring, if you sparkle in the sun you’re definitely on the right track.

Sassy Slip Dresses

This season, slip dresses are taking a step away from the easy, minimalist trend of the past. Instead, look for them to make more of a bold statement. This spring’s version will have embellishments, shine, and a definite sense of sass.

All Things See-Through

From sheer tulle to clear plastic, designers have embraced the see-through trend this spring. You can work this into your wardrobe without being too provocative by opting for see-through sleeves or strategically placed sheer materials.

Although clear plastic clothing will be hot this year, it’s a trend that may not last. Try testing the waters with a single plastic jacket, pair of boots, or a trendy bag.

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Now that you know the styles to look for, you can shop with confidence. We make it easy to get everything you need at prices you can afford. Don’t forget to start a wish list with all your favorite items so you don’t miss a thing!