How to Match Dress Styles for Every Body Type

A person’s clothes can drastically change the way they look and feel. In fact, science suggests clothes can affect how someone interacts with the world.

But when it comes to comfort and fashion, one size doesn’t fit all.

We’re here to help. We’ve sewn together dress styles for every body type across the board. Read on for a guide to dresses for different body types.

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Why Picking Dress Styles for Body Types Matters

The right dress can change everything from a woman’s confidence to how well she performs at a job. And picking out the right dress for a person’s body is key.

That’s because dresses are made to accent features and highlight a woman’s best. And picking the right dress styles for body types can completely change the comfort and feel of a wardrobe.

Wondering how to find the perfect dress? Here are the top dress styles for body types of all kinds:

Dresses for Busty Body Type

Picking out dresses for busty figures is all about straps and necklines. Go with a wide strap. This will bring on support and comfort.

Heart-shaped necklines are a good idea because they can point out curves in a smooth, natural way.

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Dresses for Athletic Build

Shift dresses tend to be a great option for athletic body types because they bring attention to toned legs or defined arms.

Another good choice for athletic bodies are dresses that fall off the shoulders. That’s because they show off a woman’s best features in a strong, feminine way.

Dresses for Hourglass Shapes

When it comes to finding the perfect dress for an hourglass-shaped body, it’s all in the waist. Dresses that use a wrap design can bring attention to thin waists and beautiful curves.

It’s a good idea to avoid necklines that go too high. These can throw off proportions and make an hourglass-shaped body look top-heavy.


Dresses for Pear-Shaped Bodies

Pear-shaped bodies usually mean a woman’s shoulders are smaller than her hips. That makes balance important when picking out a dress.

Tops with high necklines work well with mini-skirts. Another good choice is usually a two-piece dress because it can highlight a beautifully balanced body.

Dresses for Slender and Tall Bodies

Knitted dresses and flowing bubble dresses can add volume to slim bodies. Dresses with ruffles and curving patterns can have the same effect.

Another good option is to pair trendy belts with dresses to create more curves.

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Dresses for Petite Frames

Length can be a problem for women with tiny body types. That’s why high-low dresses can make all the difference.

These dresses are asymmetrical, so the length isn’t a problem. Instead, onlookers’ eyes are drawn to sharp glimpses of skin and striking patterns. V-necks are also a great option because they can smoothly draw out the torso.

Finding Dresses for All Figures

This guide lays out the top dress styles for body types so any woman can look and feel her best. With these tips in mind, there is a range of dress styles for every body type.

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