Finding Your Fashion for Women Over 60

You may think that the older you get, your style will also change. On the contrary! You can keep your style as you age. Here’s a guide on finding fashion for women over 60. Keep reading to learn more.

So you blinked, and now what? You’re 60 years old.

Most people look at 60-year-olds and think of their grandma. But you don’t feel 60, do you?

Age is just a number. If you’re forever young, why not flaunt your confidence?

In this modern day, flaunting your style is easier than ever.

There are so many different designers, brands, and styles to choose. At the age of 60, don’t think you need to look like your mom. You can wear age-appropriate clothes that are still fun and stylish.

If you need some advice, here’s your guide to fashion for women over 60.

Put Health First

When you read fashion advice, you’re tempted to run to the mall and buy a new wardrobe. But at 60, your health matters now more than it ever has. Get your body in check before spending your lifelong finances on new clothes.

Start with your oral health. Get your teeth done, maybe even invest in teeth whitening or a smile makeover. Skincare should be next. Get yourself great products or spend extra money on a facial or peel.

Your hair also says so much about your style. Make sure your hair is always trimmed and styled. If you desire, dye your hair or cover up grays. But don’t be afraid to flaunt your gray hair — gray hair is trending.

Pay Attention to Shoe Trends

Out of all of the fashion trends, shoes are the items under the most innovation. There are so many shoe styles, colors, patterns, and even materials. To ensure you’re on top of the fashion game, keep your eye on new shoe trends.

In addition, update your shoe wardrobe first. Throw out or donate any worn out or outdated shoes. Fill your closet with brand new and stylish shoes. Have a variety of different shoe types and colors (funky patterns are also fun).

Don’t Fear Bold

When it comes to fashion, bold is key. But women in their 60’s are scared of bold, so they stick to the outdated styles they always wear. But don’t be afraid of bold — wear statement clothes, crazy patterns, and neon colors.

But who said bold has to be over-the-top? Even solid-colored and neutrals can make a bold statement.

A Purse Makes the Outfit

Yeah, you may be tempted to keep your bulky and ugly bag. But splurging on one designer bag can totally transform your outfit.

And don’t be afraid of a purse wardrobe. You may not think a clutch is appropriate in your 60’s, but you’ll realize it comes in handy when your mister takes you out on a surprise date!

Now You Know All About Fashion for Women Over 60

As you age, it’s natural to care less about fashion trends. But if you feel young, you should show it off.

Fashion for women over 60 may seem complicated, but you just need to know the right tips. Maybe you’re not wearing the skimpy clothes you did in your 20’s, but this doesn’t mean you can’t look glamorous in your 60’s.

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