Color Splash! Discover the Hottest Summer Colors of the Year

Does your summer wardrobe look like the 90s? Which summer colors are in and which are out? Update your wardrobe with the latest summer color trends!

Summer’s here, and it’s time to shed your winter jackets and show off your style. You might have some clothes you want to dust off from the ’90s in your closet, but maybe those garments are best left untouched.

To help you create some stunning outfits, here are the hottest summer colors that need to be in your wardrobe for 2019.

Royal Blue

Royal blue is a majestic color that will remind everyone of the deep blue oceans that are refreshing to swim in as a respite from the hot sun. Whether you wear it as solid color for your top or part of a pattern for a dress, it’ll be a refreshing shade to look at while you enjoy the hot weather.

Jester Red

If you’re looking to catch someone’s eye, this color is it. While it’s not bright enough to be obnoxious, it’s a deep red that is rich and elegant.

Wear some jester red pants to really make your outfit pop. Just make sure your top isn’t green, or you’ll look like a Christmas elf.

Lime Green

Bold fashionistas must have lime green in their closet this summer. While many people shy away from this color since it reminds them of a highlighter, only the daring can pull this color off.

Are you wild enough to make this hue work? We think so!

Light Lavender

For people with more of a feminine aesthetic, light lavender can elevate your wardrobe. Not only does the plant have calming effects, but the color does as well.

When you wear this shade, you’ll exude confidence and peacefulness in a graceful manner wherever you go. The color is also light enough to repel the sun’s rays, so you’ll stay nice and cool.

Pastel Yellow

When you think of pastel yellow, you might think of spring and Easter. But trust us, this is a shade you want to have in your wardrobe long past when the Easter bunny’s come out to play.

This light and airy color can keep you cool during those hot days. Plus, you’ll emanate a bit of the sun’s hue itself!


When you think of summer, you usually don’t think of earthy tones. But for the summer of 2019, toffee is in.

This shade is neutral enough that it works with any skin tone. Plus, it’s easy to pair with other colors, such as red and yellow.

Use toffee as a base color and add depth to your outfits by layering other colors on this list on the top of it.

Use Summer Colors to Brighten up Your Outfits

These summer colors are sure to make everyone talk about your outfits. By combining these different hues, the possibilities are endless when it comes to putting together an ensemble that’s truly chic. Be bold, be creative, and be you!

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