How To Buy Shoes That Match Everything

Are you looking for versatile shoes? though it’s fun to have a pair of shoes for every outfit, it’s also good to know how to buy shoes that match everything.

Have you ever searched for the holy grail? Of shoes, I mean. You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

The holy grail of shoes is that pair of shoes that you can wear with anything. Throw them on with jeans and a t-shirt for your company picnic. Or sport them with some cool leggings and a mini-skirt for a night out.

If you don’t have your very own holy grail of shoes in your closet, it’s time you did some shopping.

Here are our top three guidelines for finding shoes that match everything.

Lifestyle: Busy Bee or Super Chill

First thing’s first, think about your lifestyle.

Do you spend your free time vegging on the couch binging on Netflix? Or are you the kind of girl who can’t sit still?

Your activity level is important to determine what kind of shoes you need. When looking for a pair of shoes that match everything, get something that fits in with your lifestyle.

Also, get something that you love! Don’t settle on a shoe because you think it’s the best conservative shoe to wear to your day job at the bank. It’ll end up buried under a pile of all your other shoes. (Or is that just me?)

Buy something you really love to wear. Then you know you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Shoe Style: To Heel or Not to Heel

This question goes along with lifestyle. What type of heel can you really wear everywhere?

Some women channel Carrie Bradshaw. They can run down Madison Avenue in red, spiked, strappy sandals and not even break a sweat, while the rest of us can’t make it from the car to the restaurant booth without taking off our heels.

No matter what type of girl you are, be honest with yourself about it and buy accordingly. If you never wear heels, don’t start with this pair. Get yourself a beautiful pair of ballet flats and wear the dickens out of them.

Or if you can handle the big girl heels, go for it and get yourself a beautiful pair to wear with everything.

My advice about heels: the thicker the better. If you’re planning to get something with a heel, you want to be able to walk around and be comfortable in.

Your podiatrist may not like it, but heels can actually be comfortable if you get the right kind. A thick, chunky heel or wedge is the way to go.

Color: Brown, Black, or Blue

How that you’ve thought about your lifestyle and decided to heel or not to heel, you’ve got to think about color.

When trying to match the largest range of clothes, keep it simple.

Brown, black, or blue is your best bet. Gray and white are also great, neutral colors. But beware of lighter colors that tend to stain.

And try to keep it all one color. We all love prints. (At least I do!) But avoid the printed shoes if that’s not something you normally do.

I’m not saying printed shoes are no good. You can definitely find prints that would work with 80% of your clothes. But if you do opt for prints, something toned down is best.

Now Go Find the Shoes That Match Everything!

We’ve given you our best words of wisdom, now venture off and find the holy grail of shoes. Make sure they’re comfortable, they fit your lifestyle, and that you LOVE them!

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