4 Ways To Add Texture In Your Outfits

When it comes to fashion, though, textures can make the biggest difference of all, giving you another way to alter the way that your outfits make an impact. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the impact that textures can have on your outfit, giving you the chance to alter your wardrobe to make use of the textures found within.

A Touch of Luxury

Metals, gemstones, and glass are all materials that are often associated with luxury items. These materials are hard to make and work with, making them much rarer than other materials found in clothing. Each of them shares a shiny and smooth texture, and this is a great place to start if you want to make an outfit more luxurious. Including stones and metals is easiest, with jewelry and accessories giving you everything you need.

stone necklace Vibe Clothing Company

Making Yourself Soft

Luxury isn’t the only message that can be conveyed by your outfit. Along with this, a lot of people find that they can make themselves look nice and soft with the right textures. Materials like wool are perfect for this, providing a naturally soft fabric that will be plush and warm to wear. This is perfect when you want to make yourself feel snug and comfortable.

Gold and Black animal print cardigan

A Colorless Contrast

Contrasting colors are often used in design to make bold outfits that will catch people’s eyes. Of course, though, texture allows you to achieve something similar, but you don’t have the work with more than one color in the process. A black silk blouse will contrast a block cotton skirt nicely, with the latter being matte and the former being shiny. This is great when you want your style to be understated.

Leopard Rose Gold top

Going Vintage

Vintage clothing has long been popular, with loads of people choosing to adopt fashions from the past. Textures are one of the biggest parts of this, with many of the materials that used to be popular struggling to find their way into the modern market. A great example of this is canvas, with trousers and shoes made from materials like this having a very unique texture that is rarely found nowadays. Wearing the right clothing can give people an impression of the period you’re trying to emulate.


tweed sneakers

Textures are all too often ignored when people are choosing the clothing they want to wear. Building a style that suits you can be very difficult, but you will have a much easier job when you are focusing on areas like this. This will only get simpler for you as time goes on. Shop our newest arrivals at Vibe Clothing Company to find the latest in styles, colors and textures to complete your wardrobe.