The Accessorizing Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

You know how much we love accessorizing; it’s the perfect way to tie your whole outfit together! In fact, one of the golden rules or women’s fashion is that you need to have at least one or two accessories with every outfit.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, there are a few instances where you might be making a few embarrassing mistakes with the way you accessorize. So, allow us to reveal some of the worst mistakes you really don’t want to make:

Disproportionate accessorizing
At Vibe, we’re very big on being size inclusive. The beautiful thing about women is that we all come in different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a size 0 or 30 – it doesn’t matter! You can still find amazing outfits that make you feel confident and beautiful.

But, the problems come when you wear accessories that don’t complement parts of your body. What we mean is that you wear a massive hat if you have a small head. Or, you wear sunglasses that don’t match your face shape.

The secret is wearing accessories that complement your different proportions, so everything mingles perfectly together. This way, you feel a lot more confident in the way you look.

Too many accessories
The thing with accessories is that they’re not supposed to take over your whole outfit. The very nature of their name means they’re just an addition; a tasty little side dish to the main course.

So, one common mistake is having way too many accessories with your outfit. When you do this, it overwhelms everything you’ve put together; it takes the attention away from the outfit.

If anything, the outfit becomes the accessory because you have far too many accessories drowning it!

Wearing accessories that don’t fit the situation
One thing we love about accessories is that they can sometimes bring practical value to the table as well. In essence, they’re useful for things other than just looking pretty! Take sunglasses as an example; totally stylish, but also handy when it’s sunny.

But, what happens when it’s not sunny? What happens if it’s rainy or you’re sitting indoors? Should you still wear sunglasses?

Of course not! This is a common accessorizing mistake; you keep wearing things that aren’t appropriate for the situation you’re in. Sunglasses, when you’re indoors, is a big no-no. Sneakers, when you’re at a wedding, is just a massive yikes. High stiletto heels and a full set of diamond jewelry when you’re going out for a coffee – there are so many examples!

If you want to improve your accessorizing game, then you need to think about what’s appropriate for the situation you find yourself in.

Learn from these mistakes and up your accessorizing game
Are you guilty of making some of these mistakes? Don’t worry, at least you can start avoiding them now! If you want to upgrade your accessorizing game, then we’ve got plenty of great accessories for you to pick from here at Vibe. Check out what we have on offer, and why don’t you buy a full outfit to match the accessories to as well?! We offer everything from size zero up to plus size fashion clothing. So, you’re bound to find something that helps you find your fashion vibe!