A Lazy Girl's Guide to Making Comfortable Clothes Look Stylish

Do you want to look stylish but can’t resist comfortable clothes? You can easily make your lazy clothes look fashionable! Here’s how to revamp your wardrobe.

Just because you want to feel comfortable, it doesn’t mean that you can’t also be totally stylish and right on-trend.

Group of women in Vibe Clothing making Comfortable Clothes Look Stylish

If you’re not one to dress up just to look good while sacrificing comfort, fear not!

There are plenty of ways you can make comfortable clothes be stylish, so read on to learn more about how you can revamp your current wardrobe.

Choose a Few Key Pieces From Your Closet

Whether it’s your favorite pair of stretchy denim or a snuggly cardigan, pick out a few of your faves from your closet. Make these favorite pieces the foundation of your wardrobe and work everything else around them.

When you find pieces you love and feel comfortable in, it’s easy to create an ensemble around those items. Think of things you always turn to like a v-neck t-shirt, a solid black skirt, and other comfortable clothes that suit you well but also feel great whenever you wear them.

Once you have a foundation, it’s much easier to create a stylish look. Everyone should have a favorite comfortable top, bottom, and layering piece to build upon.

Wanderlust Waffle Cardigan

Want Comfortable Clothes? Stay Away From Complicated Items

Blouses with tiny hook-and-eye closures and dresses that zip up the back are probably in style, but are they comfortable? Try to avoid clothing that’s way too complicated to put on and take off.

If you really want comfort, look for clothes you can slip into, and then slip back off at the end of the day. Struggling to get into something or wasting time with fasteners is not the way to be comfy. Instead, look for pull-on skirts and jeggings and tops without any kind of annoying extra complications.

leopard print joggers

Don’t Forget the Shoes

When it comes to comfort, shoes are a key player. You can have a gorgeous outfit and feel completely comfy, but those high heels can derail your plans.

Make sure you buy shoes that not only fit you well, but that can stay comfortable throughout the day. If you can’t deal with heels, it’s no big deal! Try a cute pair of booties or flats instead.

When your feet hurt, your entire day can be ruined. Not only that, uncomfortable shoes can affect your back and your overall health and well-being, too.

leopard flat slides making comfortable clothes look stylish

Select Soft Material

Anything you wear that feels heavy or scratchy will definitely not feel comfortable after even a few minutes. Try to find clothing that’s made of soft material like a nice cotton and rayon blend.

Wool is great for keeping you warm, but make sure it’s soft and won’t irritate your skin. Try on several items and get a real feel for the material before you commit. The softer and stretchier, the better when it comes to comfy clothing.

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Commit Yourself to Comfort

You don’t need to stress when it comes to finding and enjoying truly comfortable clothes. Pick your key pieces and build an outfit you can mix and match so you’re always feeling stylish and trendy no matter what the season brings.