5 Ways to Style Flare Jeans This Spring

Spring is all about getting in touch with your playful side and letting loose with your style. After all, spring is about new beginnings and, given that we’re only a few weeks away from the season, it’s never been a better time to start thinking about how to embrace a new look! 

One trick for trying new outfits that we love at Vibe is looking at a specific piece of clothing and wondering how we can style that as much as possible. So, with that in mind, we’re going to focus today’s blog on a classic - flare pants!

All-American Flares 

Our collection of All American Flares are the ideal piece of clothing for the spring; they’re playful additions to a wardrobe that look ideal at a spring festival while also allowing you plenty of options for styling. 


So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Basic Tops & Tees

Teagan Top

Let’s start with the obvious combo. Basic tops and flare jeans are a match made in heaven, providing a wide range of textures and colors to let you mix and match as you go. Both items are ideal base layers for an outfit and give a strong foundation for additional accessories and outerwear. 

Try tucking your top into your jeans to create a cute look that shows off your waistline, or just tuck in the front of the shirt for an effortless, casual-chic look. 


Be My Guest Sweater

Sweaters and flare jeans are an ideal combo if you’re aiming to look as cute as possible and can look even better if you use an oversized sweater. Much like our basic tops and tees, you can further accentuate the sweater/flare jeans combo by tucking in your sweater at the front to create a gorgeous off-the-cuff look. 


chunky cardigan


At Vibe, we love our cardigans. They’re the ideal springtime item, being cozy enough for colder evenings and open enough for the midday heat. 

The cardigan’s versatility makes them suitable for flare jeans, creating a cute look that feels effortless. Much like sweaters, oversized or chunky cardigans work even better with flares, though that doesn’t mean you won’t look great in something more fitted as well! 

Buttoned Shirts 

Jailhouse Rock Top

Buttoned shirts are arguably the best items to combine with your flare jeans. Buttoned shirts provide a classy edge to your outfit and leave a lot of room for further layering, either with accessories or knitwear and jackets. 

Just like our basic shirts, buttoned shirts work best with flare jeans when you tuck in the shirt at the front and leave the back open to create a casual look that still feels sophisticated at the same time. 


All American Flares - Sesame & All American Flares Starry

The great thing about flare pants is that they are hugely versatile and can combine with just about anything from your other seasonal wardrobes to create a fantastic spring look. That versatility carries over to footwear as well, with both boots and sandals being equally welcome under a pair of flares.

Try using boots for a more formal vibe, especially if the weather is still feeling a little cool. Conversely, when the weather gets a little warmer, or you want to feel a little more casual, try combining your flares with sandals instead. 

Flares are the pants that made us famous because they truly are the best pant that looks good on everyone and feels good too!