5 Ways to Mix and Match Outfits to Get the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

mix and match clothingLooking for ways to shake up your wardrobe? These 5 tips will help you mix and match outfits to get more out of the clothes you already own.

We all get tired of wearing the same clothes every day. Yet, it can be expensive to buy new clothes. The best way to spruce up your wardrobe is to get creative.

Below, we’ll give you some tips and tricks to mix and match outfits. This will give you some “new” outfits you can be happy with and have your friends saying “wow.”

1. Color Scheme

Color pairings play an important role in what you wear. Examine the color wheel to learn what colors work best together.

When in doubt, use a single color; it will create a unified look. Alternatively, you can pair together lighter and darker shades of the same color.

Moreover, if you have black, white, or neutral clothing, they pair well with most colors. When you pair these shades with other colors, it can really make your outfit pop.

If you are into themes, you can make each outfit something unique. For example, one day you can combine browns and greens to give a forest theme. Or you can use blues and tans to give a beach vibe.

Leopard top to mix and match your outfit

2. Patterns

There are many patterns out there, and many pair well together if you know what you’re doing. For example, you can match different patterns when you use a single color with all clothing.

If you combine small and large patterns, you can create a nice contrasting look. They can even be the same pattern, but in different sizes!

If you want to use a singular pattern, you can generally pair them with a neutral color.

Wearing a belt can help break up patterns and create a unified look. This can apply for patterns that wouldn’t normally go together as well.

Geometric Leopard print to mix and match your outfit

3. 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule is a general term, meaning people tend to only wear 20% of their wardrobe. If this is the case for you, it may be a good time to start rotating what’s in your closet.

You can move the clothes you wear most often into the back of the closet. Then, you can let them move forward as you wear other clothing. You can even pair some of your favorite pieces with clothes you have yet to wear.

Gray Flare pants with flower kimono

4. Layering

Instead of wearing a t-shirt and jeans, add some layers to your outfits to create a unique look. You can wear jackets or you can wrap a flannel shirt around your waist to change up the look.

You can get really creative by wearing a shirt/sweater over a dress to make it look like a skirt. Alternatively, you can wear leggings under a shorter dress.

plaid layer shirt to mix and match your wardrobe

5. Accessorize

Your accessories can create a new look to an outfit you already wear. This can include shoes, purses, scarves, belts, hats, jewelry, etc.

Using these accessories can change the tone of your outfit. You can make a look more casual or more formal. For example, you can wear your heels with a pair of jeans and your sneakers with a dress.

When wearing scarves, you can do different styles to create unique looks every day.

Once you have your entire outfit picked out, the next step will be matching it with your makeup.

It’s Time to Mix and Match Outfits

Now that you know how to mix and match outfits, it’s time to create some new outfits. Your closest may hold a lot more potential than you realize. Hopefully, you’re excited to try out some new outfits with clothes you already own!

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