5 Tips for What To Wear With a Vest

Wearing a vest can be tricky depending on your style. You should know what to pair a vest with so that you can always look trendy and fashionable. Click here for five tips on what to wear with a vest.

Maybe you’ve seen the plaid menswear look trending on this year’s runway. Or maybe you always admired how Diane Keaton owned the menswear look in her namesake role in the 1977 movie Annie Hall. No matter where you noticed it, the vest has always been part of the fashion landscape.

But if you’ve never worn this look before, don’t fret because the vest is one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces around. Whether you choose a polished look or a funkier approach, we’ve got five great tips for what to wear with a vest.

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What to Wear with a Vest: Five Ideas to Try

If you’ve never worn a vest before, there are some fantastic options to try that we bet you’ll wear time and time again. Explore the ideas below and let us know which ones are your favorites.

5. Try a Cropped Vest with a Dress

A cropped vest worn with a dress is the ultimate bohemian mix. Try a lightweight knit vest worn with a floral mini dress for a fashion-forward look. Or wear a structured, fitted vest over a mid-length for a fresh and edgy look.

4. Rock the Vest as a Top

Wearing the vest alone as a top is a great option for the summer months. The sophisticated and sexy look works best if the vest is fitted, so make sure to find one that fits you like a glove. Add a choker and a pencil skirt for date night and your date will melt from your hotness.

3. Embrace the Versatility of a Longer Vest

Longer vests offer a range of fashion possibilities, no matter what the season is. In the cooler months, longer sweater vests provide an extra layer of warmth. And in the warmer months, a longer tie-dye vest is a fashionable choice for a summer music festival.

Longer vests are flattering on all body types so the sky is the limit for how you choose to wear this look. Wear it alone buttoned up or slip it over a plain white tee or colorful tank top.

2. Two Words: Denim Vest

If you’re still unsure of what to wear with a vest, denim is a great solution. Not only does denim go with every type of material imaginable, but it also comes in a variety of washes such as deep indigo and pale pink.

Wear it with a sequined dress for casual glamour or pair it with a black and white striped shirt and black jeans.

1. Make the Menswear Look Work for You

The menswear look is a hot trend that will always be timeless. With patterns aplenty – pinstripes, tiny polka dots, checks, and plaid – there’s something for everyone.

You can choose to do a more masculine look with a three-piece ensemble (jacket, vest, and skirt or pants), or wear the vest over a feminine blouse and whatever bottoms you prefer.

For a fun date night look, try wearing a vest, dressy shorts, and chunky wedge sandals. Top it off with a straw fedora and wooden bangles.

We Think You’ll Love Experimenting with This Look

We hope our five great fashion tips helped you solve the problem of what to wear with a vest. For more great looks, visit us and check out our newest arrivals. Happy shopping!