5 Tips for How to Mix and Match Outfits

If you don’t know how to mix and match outfits then you’re missing out on an entire wardrobe sitting right in your very own closet. Here are some tips to get you started so you can expand your wardrobe and find more things to wear.

Thus far this year, the global revenue from the Fashion segment is over 521 billion dollars. Unfortunately, people are missing out on new styles because they are not experimenting with their fashion choices. That is, they can get a new look if they learn how to mix and match outfits.

Mixing and matching wardrobe pieces brings several benefits. For one, it makes your style unique and eye-catching. Secondly, it makes your wardrobe more versatile and comfortable.

Plus, it saves you money because you can buy and assemble different pieces. Last, it gives you a great look, which boosts your confidence. And as we all know, no one shines brighter than a confident woman who looks great.

With these benefits, it’s important to learn how to mix and match outfits. Keep reading to get some tips.

Simple Tips for How to Mix and Match outfits

The clothes we wear affect our moods, behavior, attitudes, and social interactions. As such, it’s common to see people settling for the same tried and old look. Yet, you can gain much more if you learn some easy wardrobe basics to mix and match.

Here are five simple tips to help you with mixing and matching clothes:

1. Use a Template

First, you should check online for outfit templates. This will give you an idea about which clothes you can mix and match.

You can also create your own basic outfit profile. Start with a plain dress and place different shirts, jackets, or sweaters on top. A picture will start emerging about what you can pair. Try this idea with skirts, pants, and jeans as well.

2. Buy Already Mixed and Matched Outfits

A simple solution you can use is to buy already mixed and matched outfits. There are clothing companies which understand fashion and want to help you. They’ll learn your preferences and choose great combinations for you.

3. Wear Floral on Top and a Solid Color Bottom

Floral designs have a unique look that goes well with a solid color bottom item. For example, a white floral top with blue-black designs can go well with a black dress or pants. Or, you can wear blue jeans, cream, and a floral purple-white-yellow kimono top.

You can also try a red dress with a long black floral vest. The ideas are endless.

4. Choose a Neutral Base Bottom and Add a Dash of Color

Choose a neutral base bottom and add color using a different outfit. Neutral bottoms can include white, beige, silver, peach, and mint colors. Then, top of these neutral colors with bright colors such as red or yellow.

5. Try Knit and Denim

Knit and denim provide simple yet effective opportunities for combining outfits. All you need is a denim bottom and different color knitted tops. This works well with sweaters. If you want to wear a cardigan instead, wear a neutral color top such as a white t-shirt or vest.

Bonus – Shoes and Accessories

An outfit is incomplete without different color shoes, jewelry, and purses. With shoes, you can’t go wrong wearing a shade of brown or gray. If you want something striking, you can try red.

Look for purses with simple designs such as polka dots or solid colors. If you want something that stands out more, you can get an African design. As for jewelry, try gold and silver or layered pieces to complete your look.

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Once you know how to mix and match outfits, you’ll never worry about finding something to wear. Your wardrobe will be richer, inspiring, and full of color. Experiment with different looks to get the ones you love best. Or, you can buy clothes from people who will mix and match pieces for you in advance.

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