5 Tips for Finding Your Personal Style and Clothing Vibe

finding your personal style

Having some trouble defining your personal style? Read these tips on how to solidify your style and find your clothing vibe.

Do you feel like you’re all over the place when it comes to deciding what to wear?

Do you wish that you had a distinct personal style to draw from when choosing new clothes?

Creating a unique style might look effortless for some celebs, but that’s rarely the case in reality. Developing your own style takes work — whether you’re putting together mood boards or trawling thrift stores for inspiration.

Kickstart your own style quest by following the top tips below.

1. Take Inspiration from Bloggers and Celebrities

We wouldn’t recommend outright copying someone else’s style, but getting inspiration is always a good idea.

Flick through magazines or have a scroll on social media and figure out which celebrity styles you like best.

Try to figure out if there’s a common theme amongst the styles you’re drawn to. This could be a certain color, cut, theme, or just an overall vibe.

Maybe you love oversized pieces? Or 60s-inspired looks?

Make a note of your findings and save pictures if you can.

2. Shop At Places You’ve Never Considered Before

Going to the same store every time you need to buy clothes is guaranteed to make your style dull and boring.

Challenge yourself to hit the mall and go into at least five stores you wouldn’t usually visit. Alternatively, check out clothing websites you’ve never browsed before.

Keep an open mind and have fun trying stuff on. It only takes one cool item to inspire an overhaul of your entire wardrobe.

3. Explore Vintage Fashion Options

Who says that new clothes are best?

If you want to look unique, vintage fashion is a great place to start.

You can find really cool pieces in dedicated vintage stores or at specialty markets. Alternatively, look online for the widest range of vintage clothing you can imagine.

Got an old film you absolutely love? Check out what the characters are wearing and see if you can recreate some of their classic outfits.

Mixing one vintage piece with an otherwise modern outfit is a really easy way to create quirky outfits.

4. Select a Few Signature Pieces to Build On

Once you’ve got a clear idea of what you want your personal style to look like, try and pick up a few signature pieces.

These should form the basic building blocks of your wardrobe, making it easy to shop for other pieces that will match well.

Your signature pieces could be tops, jackets, trousers, dresses, hats, bags, accessories… the sky really is the limit.

5. Put Together Your Own Style Mood Board

Printing off pictures of your favorite outfits and fashion pieces is a fun way to create a style mood board.

It doesn’t have to be all about pictures of clothes, either. If you love cozy, autumnal styles, add a few pictures of fallen leaves and crackling campfires.

If you love summer clothes, throw in a few snaps of blue skies and beaches.

Refer to your mood board whenever you’re stuck for style inspiration.

Why Should You Develop a Personal Style?

Developing a personal style makes shopping for clothes way more fun.

Once you know exactly what you like, you’ll stop wasting money on items that aren’t for you.

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