5 Simple Wardrobe Additions to Create a Timeless Look

A timeless look allows you to be stylish during any fashion trend. Keep reading to discover how simple wardrobe additions can help you create a classic look.

All women need a functional, balanced wardrobe to be secure in their day-to-day clothing requirements. Where many get into trouble, though, is when the foundations of their wardrobes become outmoded.

Chasing trends is a high-risk, high reward proposition. We would not deign to demand that anyone give up their trendy pieces altogether, but they don’t make for the most reliable staples for your everyday wear.

We instead recommend using classic, simple wardrobe items as a base and building a look on top of that. The trick is taking these old standbys and making them feel fresh and unique.

Making Simple Wardrobe Additions Feel Bold and New

The key word here is “timeless”. Trends come and go with the tides, but style never dies.

To the end of creating a look that blends timeless with timely, here are five classic additions to help freshen your wardrobe.

1. Classic Black

A black dress is a tried and true standby. Coco Chanel is usually credited with establishing black as the color for all seasons, but there seems to be something simply universal to it.

Black is elegant, slimming, suits virtually everyone well, and implies just the right amount of sass.

But if you feel that black is just a little grim for your taste, consider something just off-black. A charcoal dress carries all the same benefits as classic black but is just a bit brighter for those who feel that black doesn’t suit their disposition.

black maxi dress

2. Classic White Shirt

On the opposite end of the spectrum, white is a classic base that gets almost as much universal love.

White compliments every color on the color wheel, so you can pair a white top with any skirt or pair of jeans for a timeless look.

3. Dark Wash Denim

Speaking of jeans, having a good set in your wardrobe is a given. And dark wash is really the only way to go.

Dark wash jeans are becoming to the figure, and they pair well with either a white top or any other solid color.

4. The Long Cardigan

For a look that’s both simple and chic, a long, solid-tone cardigan is a reliable choice.

Paired with a nice top and matching pants, you will have a look suitable for most occasions, from lunch with friends to casual work functions.

pink oversized cardigan

5. The Over-Sized Vest

Vests are an extremely versatile article that definitely needs a home in your wardrobe.

The long flowing vest, in particular, allows you to create a free, casual look. It’s a serviceable substitute if you want to go for the long cardigan but your climate makes wearing a sweater unfeasible.

Never Go out of Style

When you go shopping, think back to all the flash-in-the-pan trends that were here one day and relegated to the donation bins the next. Use that memory to temper the impulse to hop on whatever the season bandwagon happens to be.

As we said, you don’t have to entirely forgo the trends. We all know that there is fun to be had in trying out a bold new style.

But to get the most out of your investment, focusing on simple wardrobe picks like these will yield the greatest return.

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