4 Accessorizing Tips for Upping Your Fashion Game

Nothing ties together an outfit like the perfect accessory. Here are some essential accessorizing tips you can’t ignore if you want to step up your fashion.

Animal Print dress from Vibe Clothing Company

Some people just always look good, but they swear they don’t do it on purpose.

If you ask where they got that top, they’ll say something innocuous like “Oh This, I don’t really recall!” They’ve got to be lying, right?

Take a closer look.

All of those people who have really got it together have one thing in common: their accessory game is on point.

Accessories are a secret weapon in the fight to look fashionable – and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here are some accessorizing tips so you can be at the top of your game too.

plus size dreamsicle shirt

1. Long Necklaces Are In Right Now

It’s no secret that long lines have the power to make you appear taller and thinner. But have you considered lines in places that aren’t a dress?

While certainly not the whole reason that long necklaces are so popular, it’s a contributing factor.

Another reason is that long necklaces go well with tops that have a deep neck and those that don’t. They’re a versatile tool.

Plurality is a theme in accessory fashion these days – so go multiple with your necklaces. Whether that means one necklace with multiple chains, or combining several necklaces, that plurality is a positive.

Bonus points if you manage to match several necklaces to get that layered look like this.

leopard felt brim hat

2. Balance Your Outfit With Your Accessories

This one is pretty simple, but it’s a core concept that has to be touched on in a list of accessorizing tips.

Find balance in your outfit and your accessories.

What does that mean? Don’t look too “busy”. If you’ve got a heavily patterned top, don’t put an intricate accessory up there. If your top is simple, you can be more creative.

Match your wrist accessories with your pants (and sleeves) since the resting position for your hands is by your sides.


3. These Wouldn’t Be Accessorizing Tips If We Didn’t Mention Bracelets

Bracelets these days are rarely found alone. In most situations, you’re gonna want to wear lots of bracelets at once.

Don’t buy a matching set. Use ones you have, or find some on the cheap. Bangles are my go-to. They look good with everything.

My real accessorizing tip is this: only do the bracelets on one arm. It draws the eyes and exudes a confident, unique style.


4. Don’t Be Matchy

It shouldn’t need to be said, but matching exact color tones is a big no-no. That hasn’t been acceptable for decades.

Try several shades of the same color, along with another article of neutral clothing. A black skirt matches everything; so does a white cardigan. So make your scarf or your belt match you’re top instead.

Remember that being matchy extends to fabric choices too. You can’t wear jeans with everything anymore, thankfully.

Accessorizing is about creating a unique style – don’t just adhere to a color wheel.