15 Essential Clothing Items Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

When it comes to creating a well-rounded wardrobe, there are some essential clothing items that no woman should be without. Curious what those wardrobe staples are? Read this article to find out!

The perfect outfit is something many of us only dream of, even on a good day. We’d all love to imagine we can make an outfit out of any old thing, but the truth is there are some essentials no woman’s closet should ever be without.

Join us, today, as we unpack the fifteen essential clothing items you need to make your next outfit one to write home about, regardless of your budget.

Black Blazer

A stylish jacket that works well with any outfit, casual or smart. Get it in black and you’re just giving yourself more options. Perfect.

Plain White Tee

This one’s not just for lazy boys, but perfectly at home on any list of things every woman should have in her closet. Invest in a well fitted white tee (or a few) for simple, effective outfit combinations.

A Striped Shirt

For something just slightly more interesting than a white shirt but still casual, find something in white with black or colored stripes. You’re welcome.

Black Pencil Skirt

This errs slightly more towards formal wear and is essential for any self-respecting work wardrobe.

White Sneakers

A classic, these comfortable kicks will keep your feet snug and your outfits cute for years.

Statement Necklace

Moving onto bolder fashion choices, try a necklace with a little flair. Shy away from simple chains because, really, what’s the point?

Diamond Studs

Round out any outfit with a pair of sparkly diamond studs. Real or fake, we won’t tell.

Ballet Flats

Honestly, is there anything as wonderfully simple as a good pair of muted ballet shoes? Do your outfits and your feet a favor with a pair of these.

Black or Nude Pumps

If ballet shoes are the comfortable item every girl has to have, pumps are their slightly-more-work cousin that’s just as important. Go black, go nude, or go home.

Little Black Dress

There’s a reason the classic LBD features in nearly every list of classic wardrobe essentials. Find one that works for you, and bust it out whenever you need to feel good for a night.

The Right Pair Of Jeans

What else can we say? There’s one pair of jeans out there that makes every girl’s butt look just right – those magical fashion items every woman should have. Find your denim soulmate, and hold on tight to them.

A White Blouse

These items don’t need to only come out for fancy dinners or big meetings. Wear a freshly washed and pressed blouse any day you’re looking for something different.

Black Tights

Sheer black tights can be a great substitute for pants and help add some shape to an outfit. Wear with boots, under skirts, or with a big shirt for a cute look.

Trench Coat

Weather permitting, a trench coat is one clothing item that can look very good with a variety of different outfits. Get them long or wear them short – whichever way you go, a trench coat is the right way.

An Evening Bag

Closing out our list of wardrobe must-haves for every woman (and, hopefully, your wardrobe), a simple, chic black evening bag. Perfect for more adult occasions, this is a mature accessory in the best possible way.

Essential Clothing Items For Every Woman

Look, we understand – not every woman is the same person, and tastes tend to run in any one of a dozen directions. But with the essential clothing items listed here, you’ve got a surprising number of outfits available to you.

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