Top 10 Affordable Evening Bags You'll Love

Do you need a new handbag for special occasions? You don’t have to spend a small fortune. Here are 10 affordable evening bags you’re going to love.

Bags and purses have been in use by women across the world since about 1500 A.D.

They are still one of the most practical and beautiful accessories, especially when going to an evening event.

But finding evening bags that show off your personality and are affordable can be challenging to find! We’ve put together a complete guide to the best evening bag trends for you to check out.

When we invest in a bag we typically want something that will look cute and be versatile. The following bag trends will help you get the most bang for your buck and set you apart from the crowd.

1. A Stylish Draw String Bag

If you are fashion-forward or hoping to channel a vintage look in a different way, this trend is for you!

A drawstring bag is a different shape than most clutches or evening bags, and its wide, circular base allows you to hold on to more essentials. Also, because these bags tend to be more simple, and don’t usually have elaborate fixtures or jewels they tend to be more affordable.

2. A Trendy Envelope Clutch

An envelope clutch is exactly what it sounds like! A bag that looks like a slim, oversized envelope.

This option is minimalistic and fun! Pairing an envelope clutch in a bright color with a sheath dress embodies a red carpet aesthetic without a red carpet price tag.

3. A Show-Stopping Snap Top

The snap top bag was all the rage in the golden age of Hollywood, and to this day is a classic addition to any going out look.

A snap-top can be simple and chic, with an oversized snap to a small purse body, or it can add a bit of glimmer and glitz to the closures. Either way, instead of going with something bejeweled out of price range, consider this versatile and glamorous option.

4. A Little Black Bag

When going out you don’t want your accessories to pull all the focus away from your smiling fresh face! Especially if your outfit is more ornate or colorful, nothing beats a tasteful black bag.

We love this bag because it offers more functionality and can easily go from day to night. The metallic detail also coordinates with your jewelry.

5. A Tasteful Wristlet

A night out is not the occasion for your trusty hobo bag! Less is more, both price-wise and size-wise.

Look for a wristlet that can fit your phone, lipstick, and your credit cards. Wristlets also allow you to splurge on a nicer material or a designer label because their smaller size makes them cheaper.

6. A Stunning Metallic Clutch

Metallic clutches had a moment in a big way during the 2018 Oscars red carpet. We loved Lupita N’yongo’s shimmering dress and clutch combination for its elegance and excitement.

You can get the same look by adding a metallic clutch to your favorite dress. Rose gold and bronze are young and bold choices that bring warmth to an outfit.

7. An Unexpected Texture

A really easy way to keep your evening bag new and versatile is by exploring non-traditional textures and materials. Most bags are made out of silk, cotton blends, or leather. While these are all great materials, it’s time to think outside the bag!

Crushed velvet is luxurious and on-trend. Additionally, look into a bag with a debossed damask print, or snakeskin.

8. A Stand-Out Neon Bag

Nothing says rock n’ roll like neon! Even if your outfit doesn’t scream rocker, adding a neon bag with providing a needed pop of color.

The best part about wearing your bright color on your handbag is that it doesn’t add any visual weight to your ensemble. It allows you to explore your wild side without clashing with your look.

9. A Studded Rocker Clutch

We’ve been seeing a lot of clutches from designers that have studded or adorned handholds. This fun detail makes your clutch into a piece of jewelry on its own.

Look for studs to incorporate a different element into your evening wear. It adds edginess and is sure to set your apart.

10. A Simple Box Clutch

Timeless beauty is always a hit. A box clutch has been carried by style icons such as Jackie O and more recently Emily Blunt.

Don’t be afraid to embrace multiple trends in this simple style. A neon box clutch or a crushed velvet box clutch lets your personality shine through.

Get Fabulous Evening Bags for Less

Evening bags can add much-needed oomph to an outfit. They are also a great way to experiment with the latest trends without blowing your budget.

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