10 Tips for Shopping for Great Thrift Clothing

You know how one man’s trash is another’s treasure? The same can be said for women and their clothing, shoes, handbags and even accessories! The magic behind shopping for thrift clothing and accessories is knowing what to look for and where to look! Read this article for more tips!

What once was old is new again when you love shopping for thrift clothing. The magic of thrift stores is that you never know what gems you will find.

Gone are the days when people frowned upon wearing used clothes. Today people have turned the art of finding great deals into weekend excursions.

Continue reading for tips on buying thrift clothing.

1. Find Stores That Fit Your Style and Taste

If you are looking for designer bargains, your local choices may be limited. Seek thrift stores near high-end neighborhoods for great bargains.

Online thrift stores will have larger selections to choose from. The merchandise has been verified for authenticity before being listed on the site.

2. Shop When You have Plenty of Time

Finding good bargains at thrift stores can take time and multiple store visits. Be prepared to spend hours sorting through racks and tables to find the best deals.

3. Get to Know Thrift Store Employees

If you are looking for particular styles, get to know the employees at your favorite store. Also, share with mutual shoppers which designer brands to look for at thrift shops in your area.

4. Donate Unused Items When Shopping for Thrift Clothing

Do not become a clothes hoarder. Before heading out to your local thrift stores grab those items you no longer wear.

It’s easy to accumulate clothing when you visit thrift shops on a regular basis. Since you are finding many great deals, try donating clothes, shoes, and purses you have not worn in the past six months.

5. Shop with Cash

We all love the convenience of credit and debit cards. Unfortunately, a lot of thrift stores only accept cash.

Until you know which stores accept plastic, assume you will have to pay cash. The last thing you want is to miss out on an awesome deal.

6. Love It or Leave It

Most thrift shops have a “no returns” policy. Before purchasing an item make sure it is something you truly love. Otherwise, you may end up with items you can’t use.

7. Fitting Rooms are Scarce

Some thrift shops do not have fitting rooms so you may need to try on items over your existing clothing.

This is how to thrift shop for clothes. Wear body fitting clothing that will make trying on clothes easy and discreet.

8. Alterations May Be Needed

Knowing how to sew may come in handy. If you can’t sew, find a tailor who is good at more than fixing small rips.

9. Online Thrift Stores Are On the Rise

Reselling clothing, shoes, and handbags is growing in popularity. Resell websites, apps and online thrift stores are popping up daily.

There are also groups on Facebook that operate like thrift stores.

10. Volunteer

Non-profits run a lot of thrift stores. Consider volunteering, and you can have first dibs on all the great clothing being donated.

Were These Tips Useful?

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