10 Fashion items that women over 40 should own


As we grow older and we leave our 20s, it can feel as if the fashion world has passed us by and moved onto younger models. However, it is so important to realize that even as we grow and mature that we can be stylish and sexy all in one. Keep reading for 10 Fashion items that women over 40 should own!

You may have heard the recent talk from Gen Z’ers bashing millennials with side partings and skinny jeans – and it may be true that fashion has very much fixed itself in the 90s, but this doesn’t mean you have to change everything about yourself or your style to fit with the younger kids. Inclusive fashion is all about suiting the masses.

Today we are going to talk you through some of the essential items you should bring into your closet to help you look trendy and stylish in your 40s.

Girl, you’ve still got it, and we want to show you how to flaunt it!

1.Flare Leg Pants

The old adage fashion repeats itself is always true! We must start this blog with our number one seller on our website, the All American Flares. Made with an elastic waistband and the perfect amount of spandex, these pants conform to your body for an amazing fit every time. Pair your Flares with a graphic tee or layer with a kimono, and you’ll be cute, comfy, and dressed to impress.

Flare leg pants

2. Maxi Dress

The Maxi Dress is a classic that is not only comfortable but looks stylish as well! The elastic empire waistband gives a flattering fit for everyone, and is SO on trend! Did we mention it has pockets? Wear it alone for relaxed Vibes or layer with a kimono or vest to complete the look.

multi colored maxi dress

3. Ripped Jeans

Just because you may have a teenager yourself doesn’t mean you can’t wear ripped jeans! The best fashion advice for moms is to make sure you keep the bigger ripped portion of the jeans to your knees. You need the rips to be appropriately placed. Our Mercury relaxed jeans are high-waisted with a stretch, drawstring waist band, and stretchy denim fabric! The oversized and loose fit will make you feel like you are wearing pajama pants but still look trendy! Elastic waistband is our friend!

ripped leggings

4. Sparkly Jewelry

Fun and Sparkly jewelry can dress up a casual outfit! Make the most of your basic outfits or add to the flair of your favorite prints with fabulous jewelry! One of a kind pieces will help you to stand out from the crowd. Costume Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to make a statement.

vibe clothing company necklace


5. A Button-Down Shirt

The most simple of clothing items should be a staple for you in your 40s. The button down shirt is a form-fitting piece that will go with anything else in your wardrobe and can make a huge difference to any outfit without breaking the bank. A button down shirt can be worn tied up with jeans; with a pencil skirt for the office, or tucked into shorts for a casual look.

button down shirt snake print


6. A Colorful Kimono

Kimonos are beautiful and sleek, and they instantly elevate any outfit underneath them. As a woman in your 40s, you can style almost any outfit with a neutral Kimono over the top to give some class to your fashion or a colorful Kimono to spice it up. This is ideal for busy working women because it can be simply thrown on on your way out of the door and it will bring your outfit together in seconds.

colorful kimono


7. A Fitted Dress

It is important as we grow older that we learn our body type and use this to find clothes that accentuate the natural curves of our body. You can take a quiz online to find your body type and find a dress that accommodates your shape. It will fit perfectly over you and whenever you put it on you will instantly feel as if you can take over the world.

Reptile Maxi Dress

8. A Vest

A vest is the perfect throw-on accessory to add some form and color to your outfit. You will find a wide array of choices on our website of high-low vests in solid colors or designs, vests with pockets, or fuzzy vests. Add this accessory to your wardrobe for an easy way to kick it up a notch!

smoke vest vibe clothing company

9. A Tailored Blazer

Black, red, pink, blue… it doesn’t matter what color you choose; a fitted jacket always looks classy and smart. You can wear it for a workday or a social gathering paired with jeans or a skirt. Dress up your outfit or wear it as an essential to add some warmth to your body.

boho style jean jacket


10. Neutral Colored Tops with Patterned Bottoms

Pairing a neutral-colored top with some fun patterned bottoms such as these leopard print pants will let you showcase your individuality! Dress them up for lunch with girlfriends or down to run your kids to their afterschool activities. You are sure to stand out from the crown with this trend-setting outfit.

leopard ripped leggings

Use these simple tips to elevate your style in your 40s and bring some life back to your wardrobe.

You can find all of these and more when you visit us at Vibe Clothing Company.