10 Tips of Fashion Advice To Go From Matronly to Fabulous

Ladies, just because you’ve reached a certain age, it doesn’t mean you have to stop looking fabulous! Forget shopping for matronly outfits and follow these 10 fashion advice tips!

Women such as Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep have redefined the way that society views women of any age.

No matter what age you are, you want to look stylish and vibrant. Unfortunately, many women feel overwhelmed and resigned to looking frumpy.

Here are ways to take your fashion from meh to marvelous.

10 Fashion Advice Tips To Go From Matronly to Fabulous

1. Embrace Fit and Tailoring

Often the difference between looking polished and looking frumpy is fit and cut. Knowing your correct size and it in garments is what allows you to wear the garment, and not have the garment wear you.

In addition to wearing the correct sizes, it is important to try on different cuts and silhouettes to figure out what style works best for your body type. No matter how cute a voluminous skirt is if you are pear-shaped that style is going to add unnecessary visual weight and it won’t be flattering.

button down shirt snake print

2. Don’t Hide your Neck

Our impulse, especially as we get older, is to cover up every inch of skin. However, covering up your neck only makes you look older.

Wearing scoop necks, and V-necks doesn’t mean wearing plunging dresses and tops. Wearing subtle V-neck tanks tops and t-shirts is flattering to virtually all women. You can also add visual interest to any outfit by embracing a collared shirt or a shirt with detail around the neckline.

Vibe Clothing Company animal print cardigan

3. Pick a Stand-Out Signature Item

Personal style is all about expression, and what looks good to you. A great way to spice up your style while still accentuating your best features is to pick one daring signature piece to wear.

Many women, particularly as they age, avoid cutting-edge trends for the fear of looking too young. Picking out a funky pair of sunglasses, or an edgy motorcycle jacket to mix and match with different pieces in your wardrobe embraces trends in a restrained way.

Animal print shirt with black hat

4. Mix Trends with Classic Silhouettes

Going along with the previous point, don’t be afraid to have fun with your wardrobe. Wearing trendy clothes is all about identifying elements of trends that you can fit into your wardrobe and personal style.

Find an element of the trend to look for with a classic silhouette. Instead of wearing neon pants to work, find fitted pants with a bold floral print. Keep up to date on the latest trends and find a way to incorporate those elements into the clothes that you’ll actually wear.

Tyedye tunic dress

5. Avoid “Old Lady” Prints

Prints are having a huge moment right now, and they’re perfect for the different seasons. But prints are also tricky to pick and wearing a print that is old-fashioned is a sure way of looking matronly.

So how do you pick prints that are fun and not frumpy? Avoid small or washed-out floral prints. Also, avoid overly geometric prints that were popular in the ’80s. Wearing a bold, big floral print on a kimono or a cardigan is a great way of adding a different element to your look.

Plaid Blanket kimono

6. Figure Out your Best Hemline

When looking for skirts and dresses it is important to know where the thinnest part of your knee is. Recently, midi skirts that hit mid-calf have come back in style. Unless you have thin legs all the way down, you’re better off looking for a maxi style or a dress that hits at the thinnest part of your knee.

The thinnest part of your knee can be either mid-knee, below the knee, or above the knee. No matter where that is on your legs, hitting at that part of the knee will make your legs look leaner and more toned.

Aline corduroy dress

7. Layer Loose-Fitting Clothes Over Form-Fitting Pieces

Many sources will tell you that the worst thing you can do is to wear shapeless clothing, especially when you’re just hiding the parts of your body you may be uncomfortable with.

The caveat to this rule is layering. Layering works when you play with proportions and fitted versus loose-fitting garments. A boxy jacket looks elegant over a tank top and pencil skirt. A slouchy cardigan works nicely with skinny jeans.

hi-low vest with paisley print

8. Accessorize Boldly

We all know that woman who looks effortlessly chic. A big secret to looking stylish with minimal effort is by accessorizing confidently.

Invest in a really good statement purse that is both functional and unique. Wearing a bright pair of pointed-toe pumps takes you easily from the office to happy hour. Wear jewelry that makes a statement to liven up a t-shirt and jeans for the weekend.

belted green tunic

9. Play with Colors and Textures

It used to be that women of a certain age were told to only wear muted colors and include a lot of black clothing. Times are changing, and colors and textures make a world of difference in looking vivacious.

A statement piece with a different texture or a bright color paired with earthy neutral tones is edgy and fashion-forward. Don’t be afraid to play with different pieces in your wardrobe to create new looks.

10. Be Yourself

Last but certainly not least, fashion is about confidence. Whatever you wear the women who look the best are the women who are most confident and self-assured. You are the most important person to impress.


Time to Go Shopping!

Fashion advice is always changing, which means it’s always a good time to go shopping.

Have fun with fashion and don’t be afraid to try out something new in your wardrobe.